CHAPTER 233: Going Back To The Momentum

CHAPTER 233: Going Back To The Momentum

Charlotte’s POV:

I went to a bar because I even found out that my rebound boyfriend is cheating on me. Well, my first love and even my rebound boyfriend cheated on me. Only Cullen Lee was the one I left because of her mom. I am so angry to myself. What if I just chose to fight for him that time, probably we are still together ugh.

While I was debating with myself to go back to the momentum, I hadn't noticed four men walking into the bar, the other three were making their way to a table, while the fourth was smiling at me, and waiting for their drinks.

I smiled back at him and raised my glass with a little nod in greeting.

"Hi there," he said, his smile turning more devilish by the second.

"Hi," I replied, smiling kinda shyly back at him.

Then he got his drinks and went to head back to their table.

He leaned in a little closer as he walked past me and said,

"Nice to meet you," and winked at me.

The smell of his cologne, musky and fresh, at the sa
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