Chap 2: Azura's dangerous mission

Azura watched as Harem's subordinates led the criminal away. His pitiful screams begged Sir Henry to make those around him embarrassed. He paid this price for breaking the ban on the werewolf race.

This charter was issued by Harem Henry and the people in the organization. They are strictly forbidden to reveal their identity to humans. Because once exposed, werewolves will be pursued by humans. In the past, the wolf race was destroyed by humans because they thought they were wild animals, which would bring danger to human society. Because of that, the former leader had to lead them to other places to hide.

However, not all werewolves followed Harem. A few of them practice living in harmony with humans. But it is necessary to commit to the organization that they must not reveal themselves. On full moon nights, they are forced to use drugs to suppress the transformation or go to the mountains and forests far away from humans, not to be detected by humans.

Azura remained frozen in place, feeling that this punishment was too heavy for him. She did not think that breaking this taboo would lead to that person's death. Although she wanted to beg Sir Henry to spare him his death, she had no place in this place, so she remained silent.

“Azura, you did a great job in your duties. By the way, I have a job to give you. If you finish well, come back here. I will accept one of your requests. How do you feel?” Harem Henry spoke to her in a cold yet dignified voice, with a bit of fear in it.

Azura said, "Please delegate the work."

Azura's face showed no emotion. She waited for Harem to speak. Moments later, Harem's subordinates brought her a file. Azura gave Sir Henry a puzzled look, then waited for Harem to speak.

"I want you to go to California to find a man and bring him here. The documents about him are all in your hands."

Azura asked in disbelief: "Is he a werewolf too?"

Kelly – who is in the organization, just behind Harem Henry looked at Azura and said with disdain: "Yes. He is a purebred werewolf. And only he can be immortal."

Azura looked down at Conal in the photo. He is a relatively young and manly man. Azura looked back at Harem and said, "Sir Henry, what is your purpose in bringing him here? Because I thought he would ask the same. And then, I can answer Conal Henry."

At this time, one of the organization members saw that she was over the limit and stood up with a threatening and contemptuous look. Harem sitting on the big chair in the hall, reached out his hand to stop him. He pondered for a long time about Azura's question. Finally, he decided to tell her.

"Because Conal Henry is the one who will marry my daughter."

Harem continued: "Please bring him back here safely. Especially the vampires are also looking for him."

"Why did they come to him?" Azura asked. She didn't understand more and more what was going on.

"Recently, my subordinates there reported that the vampires are actively looking for Conal Henry to bring back for testing. They are constantly looking for our people to capture and confirm if it is Conal or not? I guess the leader of the vampires is working on a plan to eliminate werewolves." Harem replied.

A person sitting next to Harem also said: "Not only that, but we also know. In the past few months, werewolves using inhibitors no longer affect werewolves. Even though the night of the full moon had not yet come, he still couldn't help but change his beastly nature. Danger to humanity. And this has also been investigated by the government."

Harem stood up, walked down to where she was standing, face to face, and raised his voice over Azura. "Therefore, I need you to find out who caused these troubles. And especially bring him here discreetly. Do you understand what I mean?"

Hearing this, Azura also somewhat understood her mission. Harem made her find Conal Henry was just an excuse. And the main thing is to want her to find out who caused these things. They just wanted her to become a suicide soldier. Want to drive her to death. And California is a very active area for vampires.

Despite knowing that this job was dangerous, Azura couldn't refuse Harem's orders. Because if she rebelled against him, it would mean her death too. Azura replied, "I'll do my best, Mr. Henry."

At this moment, her gaze met the pale yellow eyes of Harem's daughter, and her name was Alice Henry. Alice looked at her with hatred and defiance. As Azura coldly turned to leave, she heard Alice speak, like a warning to her.

At this moment, her gaze met the pale yellow eyes of Harem's daughter, and her name was Alice Henry. Alice looked at her with hatred and defiance. As Azura coldly turned to leave, she heard Alice speak, like a warning to her.

"Azura. It would be best if you remembered what your condition is. If you meet Conal, don't go over the limit."

Azura clenched her fist and left. In the eyes of those people, she was like a slaveborn. They consider what she is doing is paying the price for her father's mistake in the past. It made Azura hurt. Everyone here is treated equally; she alone is different. Even if she sacrificed herself during the mission, it was only natural. And there was no mercy for her.

Seeing Azura come out of the main building, Accalia, lying at the door, also followed her master. Returning to her room, Azura began to pack her things for early morning departure for California.

"Knock, Knock, knock."

The knock on the door came from outside; Azura stopped everything and went to open the door. It's Elmer. The only person here who considered her a friend. He's the same age as her—also, one of the warriors trained by Harem. Azura smiled at him, nodding slightly to Elmer.

"Invite in! What's wrong with coming to see me?"

Elmer sat down on the sofa in the middle of the living room and hesitantly asked, "I heard you're going to California?"

"Right. Sir Henry has just assigned me a mission."  Azura smirked in response.

She didn't expect the news she was about to leave here to spread so quickly. Azura guessed that many people were quite happy to have chased her away. Because they fear that, like her father, Galvin, she will betray her race one day.

"When are you leaving?" Elmer looked straight at Azura and asked.

"I'll be on my way tomorrow morning," Azura replied while handing a cup of coffee to Elmer.

Looking at Elmer with a slightly reflective look, her attitude was also different from usual, and she asked: "What's wrong? Won't you let me go?"

"Azura, you know it's dangerous there. Still, accepting the invitation to go there to find a so-called immortal? Damn it." Elmer spoke in an exasperated tone of voice. He slammed his fist down on the table in front of him.

Azura smiled slightly and sat across from Elmer to reassure him: "Don't be childish, Elmer. I'm not like you. I have no choice."

The space is now quiet. Moments later, Elmer took something from his pocket and gave it to Azura.

"I think you'll need it," he said.

Azura took the bag from Elmer's hand and opened it to see what was inside. It was the potion they had created to fight vampires.

"Don't you need it? Although it's been a long time since I've seen a vampire attack. But you should still protect yourself, Elmer."

Elmer shook his head: "I can get that potion from my dad. Do not worry."

Azura heard him right. Because Elmer's father is the doctor who made this drug, she joked, "Don't tell me you just stole these pills from his room!"

Elmer and Azura both laughed at her teasing. He scratched his head as she saw him. Embarrassment appeared on his face: "I can't get past your eyes."

"This Elmer. Can you do me a favor?" Azura said.

He shrugged and stared at her, waiting for what Azura was going to say. Here, Azura could only trust Elmer.

"This trip may be a long time before I return. So please take care of Accalia for me! Thank you in advance." While saying that, Azura looked towards Accalia lying beside the fireplace.

Elmer agreed without thinking. Because Accalia also loves him very much and vice versa. It always growled when other men had terrible intentions towards Azura. Only Elmer can get close to Accali and its owner.

"OK. Good luck! I will take good care of Accalia."

Hearing Elmer's answer, she felt reassured. After Elmer left, Azura hugged Accalia in her arms. She knew this trip was more or less good. But if she completes the mission and returns alive, she is eligible to make conditions with Sir Harem Henry.

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