Chap 6: Conal care about Azura

Conal returned to his office, took a long, black coat that hung neatly on a hook, and gave it to Azura. He said, "Put it on and sit over there waiting for me until I'm done. I'll get you out of here."

Azura was surprised at this action of Conal. She shyly took his shirt and put it on. The faint scent of his shirt made her feel at ease. Like that, Azura calmly sniffed the smell of the shirt right in front of Conal. She didn't know that Conal's eyes were following her every movement and strange action. He said:

"I just wore this shirt today; it's still clean. So you don't have to worry too much."

Conal's words startled her, and she looked up at him. Her face suddenly turned red. It looks like he misunderstand her. Azura was a bit confused; she stammered reply:

"Not. I do not mean that. It's just...just the scent on the shirt; it's…it's so pleasant."

Conal heard her say these words and laughed. His smile is so magical but attractive to people. Then he handed her a cup of hot coffee he brewed himself and said, "That's the scent of Bulgarian roses."

"Thanks," Azura said as she accepted the coffee cup from Conal's hand. Suddenly, their eyes met, making him and her both awkward. The space is so quiet now. In the end, it was Azura who took the initiative to speak up, breaking the uncomfortable atmosphere.

"Just now, why did you help me? What if you help me might affect you? Besides, you can take this opportunity and drive me away."

Hearing Azura's questions, Conal also didn't know why he acted like that at that time? He leaned back against the soft sofa comfortably, thinking how to answer her.

"I find it annoying to see my fellow human beings being led away by humans. It is as simple as that. Don't overthink."

After saying that, he got up and went back to his desk. To dismiss Azura's

questions, Conal quickly changed the subject.

"Now I have to work. If you feel like you have nothing to do, you can read a book. Ok!"

Hearing him say that, Azura remained silent, not wanting to disturb Conal. She sipped her coffee while looking around. In the room are almost books and beautiful architectural models. The thick books were neatly arranged on the bookshelf.

Azura couldn't contain his curiosity and went to the bookshelf to his left. She picked up a random book, then opened it and read it. However, everything is related to his specialty. Taking a few more steps, she saw a photograph placed in a different place. There were three people in the picture; she guessed it was Conal's family.

"Those are my real parents. But they're all dead."

Conal's low, the hoarse voice sounded behind her, causing Azura to turn around in surprise. At this moment, their eyes met once again. After all, since when had he been standing here? Azura felt flustered at how close the two were. Her heart was pounding; it felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. Conal's masculine breath brushed against Azura's body, causing her cheeks to turn red. She quickly turned away, avoiding Conal's eyes, she said:

"It's a pity. Your whole family is beautiful."

After saying that, Azura regretted it. She thought to myself, "What am I talking about?" Why is it that every time she stands in front of him, she can't control herself and says such ungainly words? After that, Azura carefully placed the photo back in its place, then slipped past Conal and walked over to the sofa. Suddenly, Conal's words made her stop. Her heartbeat again for him.

"Thank you for your compliments. You are also beautiful."

Azura turned to look at him; she gave him a beautiful smile and thanked him. She felt that the relationship between them seemed to have improved compared to when they first met. Perhaps, this is the right time for her to remind her of his return to Montana with her. Besides, she had a critical job to do. It was the investigation of the recent strange things that happened to werewolves. Azura hoped he wouldn't refuse again.

"Conal, can you think about Montana with me?"

As Azura finished speaking, she noticed the change of expression on Conal's face. Coldness and anger were intertwined, evident on Conal's front. He brushed past her and replied coldly:

"Don't force me. I don't want to go back to that damn place."

"Why? Why are you so stubborn?" Azura also couldn't calm down anymore; she roared to him. Now their relationship is strained again. Conal clenched his fists and punched hard on the table; he shouted:

"Because my parents were killed there. The man who killed my parents was a werewolf. He was also my parents' best friend, did you know that? That's also why I don't want to go back there with you."

After his words, the atmosphere fell into silence. It turns out Azura and he is alike. They all had unpleasant memories of that place. But Conal was luckier than her. He has the right to choose for himself a free life here. And she has no choice. She is paying for her father's actions in the past.

"Conal. Sorry for wrongly blaming you. But this is the task that Sir Henry has given me. I know you don't want this marriage. However, you still have to go back to that place to refuse it."

Conal looked up at her with red, angry eyes. The blue veins on his face were visible. He said to her reluctantly: "Why should it be me? You can also go back and talk to him. It's so simple that you can't do it either? Why did you force me to go there? What did Sir Henry give you? Is it money or a high status?"

Azura looked at Conal with sad eyes. She sensed contempt from his words. She tried to put aside the hurt in her heart, her voice a little bitter: "I cannot convey your words to Sir Henry because I have no qualifications. I'm not like you and the other werewolves."

After saying that, Azura opened the door and left. Conal was a bit surprised by what he had just heard. Not only that, he sensed the sadness and the patience in her words. Maybe the words he said were a bit excessive. Although Conal desperately wants to go after Azura to apologize, she believes that her leaving will not cause him trouble. With that in mind, Conal returned to his chair and continued working.

Thought that after Azura left, he could focus more on work. The but all do not back as he thinks. What she said before she left kept making him feel nonstop. He's starting to soften his heart. Conal threw the fountain pen in his hand forward and swore:

"Damn it!"

He stood up and looked through the transparent glass for relaxation. What happened today gave him a headache. Just because he was a werewolf with the ability to be immortal, did Harem Henry choose him? Or does he have another purpose? Although more than twenty years have passed, Conal has ceased to be related to them. However, he still has werewolf blood in his body. That is something that cannot be changed.

Until after work, Conal did not see Azura return. Maybe she went back to Montana already? Thinking about this, he felt a little regret in his heart. He didn't understand why; he noticed her like that. Perhaps he was attracted to Azura's rare blue eyes among the werewolves. She was the second person he met with unique eye color. Every time he looked into those eyes, he felt so comfortable and at ease.

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