Chap10: Disappointed in you

After Conal's parents left happily, Conal let go of Azura's waist. Seeing Conal walking silently towards the living room, Azura got a little angry and said, "Don't you have anything to explain?"

Conal still had that indifferent and obnoxious face. After a moment of silence, Conal spoke up. Hearing the way he spoke, he seemed a bit embarrassed.

"Sorry for dragging you into this. If you had woken up a little later, you probably wouldn't have had to pretend to be my girlfriend. And maybe shortly, join me as a couple of lovers in front of my parents."

"What? What are you saying?" Azura still didn't understand what had happened to her. What the hell is Conal, after all calculating?

Conal sipped his coffee and continued: "Actually, I had a date with another girl arranged by my parents this morning. I don't like this, but I have no way of saying no."

"So you took me out as a beer to help with bullets?" Azura coldly asked Conal

He paused for about half a minute, rubbed the two points on his temples, and said reluctantly: "Your appearance is timely, helping me solve this mess. Besides, I don't look bad at you. Being my girlfriend is also very suitable. So… shall we give it a try?"

Azura made a mocking smile; she felt this reason was silly. She looked at Conal with a disappointed look. He was like the autocrats in Montana, giving himself the right to decide everything and constantly forcing her to obey, even though there were many things she didn't want to do.

She seemed to have misjudged the man sitting in front of her. She tried not to show her emotions at the moment. Her words caught in her throat:

"Fine. But maybe I can't continue to pretend to be your girlfriend anymore. You should find someone more suitable."

Azura went up to the bedroom to get her luggage and prepared to leave. Seeing her about to escape, he was pretty surprised. However, Conal felt that the plan he had come up with was about to succeed. Only making Azura so angry would she give up trying to convince him and return to Montana.

Azura walked close to the door; she stopped, her voice very cold as if he had never known her and him.

"I'll see you on a full moon night."

Conal had one hand in his pocket, a glass of wine in the other, and watched her car leave. His lips had a very polite smile, but his eyes were filled with cunning. It turns out she still hasn't given up. He admired Azura's resilient and robust nature. Because he didn't want to fight her, he had to make this crazy joke. But for some reason, the thought of her being his girlfriend made his heart sob, beat fast, and feel a little joy inside.

Azura was driving down the road, trying to dismiss any images of what had happened and Conal's silhouette. She sighed, feeling her self-esteem hurt. Just like that, she didn't know when she would reach the city center. She hurriedly found a casual clothing store and bought some cheap clothes. Because the way you dress doesn't fit here.

After an hour in the store, she said goodbye to the shopkeeper and walked out with a few bags in hand. Thanks to a consultant, she felt pretty satisfied when wearing the clothes on her body. Jeans, a dark sweater, and a parka to keep warm in winter combined with sneakers make Azura look like a high school student.

She didn't think choosing clothes would be so troublesome. Suddenly, she saw many people turn to look at her, including young men, all drawn to Azura's charm, a very different beauty. Azura was annoyed with the stares; she quickly returned to her car and left.

Then, Azura found a courier office to send the blood sample back to Montana for testing. After all, what happened to the werewolves here? Perhaps there is some force targeting them. And the most suspicious people here are the vampires.

Azura remembered hearing Elmer's father recount the battle between three species: humans, wolves, and vampires.

Humans have reached out to werewolves and asked for help to defeat vampires. At that time, Elmer's father was also the one who invented biological weapons to destroy those blood-sucking demons.

Although werewolves were allowed to live with humans, Kevin Henry - the leader of the wolf clan at that time, did not want to be involved much in human society, so he decided to lead all werewolves to another place to hide. Only in Harem Henry's time did werewolves have the right to determine their own lives. But with the condition that no harm is done to people, you will be sentenced to death if you break this taboo.

Perhaps the old feud was ingrained in the blood of the vampires, so now they continue to want to cause a war. But this time, they were the ones pulling the strings behind them. They tried to cause misunderstanding between werewolves and humans. Those vampires want to borrow human hands to eliminate the werewolf race.

Azura sat in his car, holding his head in thought. Even though she knew the enemy's plan, they were in the dark, she was in the light, and she was alone in this place, so it would be challenging to investigate. Not only that, but the obnoxious name Conal refused to cooperate with Montana and also provoked her. If she were not the offender's daughter, it would be straightforward to convey his words. But unfortunately, she is not allowed to do that. If she did as Conal said, returning to Montana and reporting to Harem Henry, she would surely be purged by the council. However, he couldn't know this, so he deliberately pressured her.

As Azura was lost in thought, suddenly the phone rang, startling her. It was Elmer calling; she quickly picked up:

"Hello, Elmer."

"Hi Azura, how are you?"

Azura smiled and said:

"If I said I wasn't feeling well, would you come here?"

"Of course. I will come and protect you. By the way, I received a message with the package you sent to me. What is that? A present for me?"

"Not. It's a blood sample from a werewolf in California. You gave it to Uncle Edsel to help him. I feel like the werewolves here are a bit unusual."

"So that's it. So have you met Alice's fiancé yet?"

Hearing Elmer mention Conal, her heart sank again. She sighed dejectedly.

"Yes, I met him. But Conal refused to go there. He told me he didn't want to marry a stranger."

"What? Wouldn't he marry Alice?" Elmer exclaimed in surprise. Then he laughed and continued:

"Haha, it turns out that there was also a day when she was rejected so harshly. Deserved."

Elmer's voice sounded very pleased, but she was the opposite. She didn't know what to say, so she kept quiet. Just as she was about to turn off the phone, she suddenly heard Alice's voice, surprising her:

"Azura, is what that Elmer said true?"

Azura noticed the anger in Alice's words. Maybe Elmer wasn't careful just now, so she heard that Conal didn't want to get married, which hurt Alice's self-esteem. Azura calmly replied:

"Miss Henry, it is true. However…"

Alice interrupted her before Azura finished speaking: "Is it your fault? You did something to make him not want to marry me. Have you always had hatred in your heart about what I did to you before? So now you're trying to get revenge on me?"

Azura smiled faintly and replied coldly, "I'm not that petty, Alice. And if you don't believe it, wait until he gets back to Montana."

After that, Azura turned off the phone. After a while, many calls from an unknown number called her. Azura doesn't have to listen to know it's Alice's phone number. She didn't want to get involved in this trouble. She wanted Conal to go back there and confirm it with them, not through her. Therefore, she must defeat Conal on the upcoming full moon night.

At the same time, in Montana, Elmer tries to convince Alice not to cause more trouble for Azura. If Azura was to be disciplined by the board, he was also to blame.

"Alice, do you have to make things difficult for Azura?"

Alice looked at Elmer scornfully and said harshly: "She seduced my fiancé. This is certain that my father and the people on the council will not forgive her."

"Don't be so crazy. Why do you keep thinking about Azura like that?" Elmer shouted angrily. He seems out of control because Alice is deliberately blaming his best friend.

"Because I have rights. And Azura doesn't." Alice spoke to Elmer in a sinister voice. She certainly won't get away with it this time. Up until now, Alice's father had wanted to get rid of Azura many times because he felt she was a dangerous person. Maybe Azura still hated her father because he was the one who ordered her father to be executed.

Some people in the high-ranking organization often wanted to eliminate Azura, however, because Azura was an intelligent and talented person among those that Alice's father trained. Furthermore, Azura had never made the slightest mistake so far, so her father had no reason to dismiss Azura.

Another thing that made Alice always jealous of Azura was that Azura always attracted the eyes of men. Only when Azura wasn't there that Alice become the center of attention. So, taking this opportunity, she had to make Azura disappear from this earth.

Ignoring Elmer's words, she quickly went to the organization's meeting room and told everything she had just heard to her father and everyone present. Alice also invents bogus things to raise Azura's guilt to achieve her goal.

Many people were outraged and disgruntled after hearing Alice's story again. However, Harem Henry remained silent; his face did not express emotion. The atmosphere in the room was now tense and chaotic, with words of punishment to deal with Azura around.


Harem's scream with a terrible volume made everyone panic. No one said another word. Alice stood below, slightly bowing her head, chuckling. Her father's expression was furious, but he tried to control it.

Alice continued to act, crying as she said, "Dad, she's trying to destroy everything."

"Alice, go back to your room and rest. I'll send someone over there to investigate. If what you say is true, I will kill her directly."

Alice turned to leave; she smiled proudly, thinking: "Azura, no one can save you this time."

Behind the front door, Alice's mother heard everything. However, she did not believe that Azura was such a person. She was the one who witnessed Azura from childhood to adulthood, so it wouldn't be like what Alice said. She was sure that Alice was lying. She knew Azura was in danger, so she quickly went to Elmer to tell him. Hopefully, Elmer can warn Azura.

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