Chap 85: Lurking danger

Following Phelan's instructions, Conal felt a hot aura in his body; it seemed to burn his entire body from the inside out. He frowned, gritting his teeth to endure the pain.

Reana looked at his expression and was uneasy, she was about to approach Conal, but Alfred stopped in time; he said:

"Don't move; you'll distract Conal, and he is in danger."

"But look at his face; it looks like it's painful," Reana said; she was not at all reassured when Conal chose this approach.

"Anyone who chooses this way has to go through this ordeal. Therefore, we must wait patiently; then, we can save Azura and the two children." Alfred calmly explained. He was also terrified that Conal would not be able to overcome it because his immortal ability was gone. He had witnessed this scene with his own eyes, and the person who performed it did not survive.

In Conal's head, vague images began to appear, and the face and smile of that clown appeared in his mind. He couldn't tell if these were his memories or the
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