Seducing The Gay CEO (English Version)
Seducing The Gay CEO (English Version)
Author: cas_airen


I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the person in front of me now. Cardo had been my secretary for 4 years, but because of a call from my mother, I had to fire him.

Mama called to let me know that she wanted a woman to be my secretary. I knew, and it was more clear than the water, what she wanted to convey.

“I'm sorry, Cardo. I'll just call other people I know and ask if they need a secretary. Here's your bonus.”

He stared there and looked back at me again. He is not just my secretary, he is the one who knows my secret.

“It's okay, Sir. Ms. Jesa contacted me when she learned that you were going to change secretary." He said, so I nodded.

For 4 years, I can say he is good in this field. It was just unfortunate, and I had to fire him.


I was just walking while looking at my phone. This is the day when my office will have a new face again.

I would have just walked straight, but I noticed the woman seemed to be in a hurry, not as if, but really in a hurry. She didn't even notice that the floor was wet.

I don't know why my foot suddenly moved, when I saw her going to slip. I quickly approached her so that she would not continue to slip.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to me. After pulling on her wrist, I immediately moved the hand to her waist.

I gulped when I stared at her face. I am gay in their eyes, and what I did a while ago was not the doing of a gay person.

I push her when I feel something unique. I felt some heat.

"My goodness! Be careful. Do you want to ruin my beautiful morning?” I used my gay voice to let her know what I was.

I even waved my hand and intentionally showed the paint on my nail.

I saw the shock in her eyes as she stared at me. She stared. Her eyes moved to my painted nails.

I couldn't help myself but to stare at her face. Who is this girl? I don't know, but when I looked at her, it was as if I had something in myself that came out.

I was devastated as I shifted my gaze to her face. She has an angelic face, it's a fucking beautiful sight.

What the hell is happening?

I was about to leave her when she suddenly said her name and said she was my new secretary. I don't know, but at that moment, I knew my mother's plan.

I am the only man in the Villanueva clan, and to think that one is gay is to give me a headache.

I avoided looking at her, so I bothered to ask her about my schedule, even though I knew and memorized my schedule for a week.

But she doesn't know anything about my schedule. I'm glad. I would have used that as a reason to fire her, but...

I was shocked when she suddenly grabbed my phone, I would just have called Mom and told her that my new secretary was a useless secretary.

I would have scolded her, but I stopped when I saw her face too close to me.

“I'm sorry, Sir! I won't do it again! Please, don't fire me.” Every time she blinked her eyes, I was nervous. It was as if she intended to seduce me.

At that moment, I lost what I wanted to say. I never thought I would be folded by just one look from her. What is happening to me?

Again, I felt like I was getting burned, so I pushed her away from me.

“Ghad! Don't come near me!” I shrugged and turned around and simply loosened my necktie. I closed my eyes and was reminded of what I am in front of people.

I'm gay!

But... every time I have a meeting with a man, they ask for my new secretary's name. I don't know, but I get irritated every time they ask that.

I was even more irritated when I caught someone staring at her skirt as if he was waiting for it to rise.

"Cancel my meeting with Ms. Susy." I said while busy looking at my phone. I'm not really doing anything, I just don't want to look at her.

“Yes, Sir.” She said. So, I looked up at her.

"By the way, Ms. Gillian, Don't ever wear those kinds of clothes! ” I said, and looked at her skirt.

I get annoyed because she gets attention!

“Why?” She said that made me irritated. I put down the phone and gave all my attention to her.

“Why?” I can't help myself repeating what she said. I looked at her badly again. "It's too short, I don't like that!"

I noticed she seemed to be laughing, so I frowned.

"What's funny?" She bit her lower lip and looked at me boldly. Damn those eyes!

“Why, sir?”

“I just don't want those kinds of clothes!” I scolded her, but she just blinked twice and looked at me.

“I need a reason not to wear these kinds of clothes, Sir.”

“What?” My jaw tightened as I stared at her.

"I can think of two reasons why you don't want me to wear these types of clothes.”

My forehead furrowed. Am I being too obvious?

“It's either you're jealous because you can't wear these kinds of clothes-” She stopped. I felt something blocking my throat even though I hadn't eaten anything.

Jealous? What the hell!

"Or-" she came to a halt again and smiled attractively. Damn! "Maybe... You're attracted to me wearing this. ” She said seductively.

Damn this girl! If my mom sends her to seduce me, damn it. I think I'm in danger.

I stared at her lips. I fucking want to kiss her lips.

The truth is, I’m not really gay. I am a 100% guy. I am just pretending because I have a reason.

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