Chapter 3

"What?" That's all I said when I heard that.

What's going on? Seduce his son? What sensible mother would pay a million to seduce her son? I looked at the paper I was holding. Gillian, you are now holding the money you need for the surgery.

"Why? You don't want to? It's okay, please give it back to me." She said while looking at the check she gave me.

I am thinking about why I was there. It's for Zaji, Gillian. If you agree, your brother can have surgery right now. You won't have to worry about money. You can save him.

"But why?" I ask. She just looked at me seriously.

"My Son is the first born of Villanueva and he is the only man in our clan." She said

I was cold when I heard the surname Villanueva. Villanueva is one of the richest in the country and as far as I know the child is all female and only one male.

Sometimes they go to the restaurant where I work and I can say their lifestyle is very luxurious. They just had lunch but the restaurant was closed so that there would be no disturbance.

I can't remember the face of the son she says because it is forbidden to look at them while eating. The Villanueva family is so dangerous.

Being a gay of an only son of the Villanuavas is widespread in the country and that is really acceptable.

I didn’t think that Mrs. Villanueva was the woman in front of me.

"Why me?" I was nervous but I kept thinking about my brother who was in the hospital.

"Why not you? You're beautiful, you have a body that every man wants and of course ... you are poor." She said while still looking at me.


"Yes, everything is difficult, money is the equivalent. I choose you because I know that you are desperate to have money. Make my son to be a real man and when you do that, I will add that money, but ....” he stopped and looked at my hand. "If you don't do that in 6 months, I'll get back that money."

I was just dumbfounded while sitting on the side. I have already talked to the doctor and they are also preparing for the day to do the surgery on him.

Will I be able to make him a real man in 6 months? I close my eyes. I know it's impossible, I know it's very impossible and if I can't do that in 6 months, I'll have another problem because I need to pay her back.

For now, the important thing is that there is already money. I will just do what I can to turn that gay to a real man.

Dad was surprised when I said that we now have money to have surgery. All I said was that there was a charity to donate it to. I also talked to the doctor not to say that the money came from me. I know that dad will be surprised when he finds out that that money came from money.

This is the day Zaji will have a surgery. I was nervous. I want to accompany my brother inside but I know it is forbidden. I can't do anything, so I was just back and forth walking.

"Sister, Zaji can handle the surgery." I heard Nica say while sitting.

"Yes, Gillian. You can sit down." Yunard pulled my hand to sit next to him. He's been here since yesterday. He slept here. He accompanied me to Zaji. I tell  my father and Nica to go home, especially since Nica still has a class.

"Trust your brother, son. He can do it." Dad said so I sighed.

The operation started earlier and it was now close to two o'clock. The wall clock didn't help and I totally don't think so. It seems like one minute equals one hour.

I just breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor came out smiling, and to say the operation was successful, I hugged Yunard and couldn’t help but cry with joy. I'm really happy.

"I told you, sister. Zaji can do it." Nica said while smiling at me.

I am now standing in a restaurant. It was different from the one we went to because it was a 5 star hotel. This is the day I sign the contract.

I wore a dress today as Madam Anastasia said. She wants me to dress better from now on.

I took a deep breath and was about to touch the door to open it when someone opened it from inside.

"Any reservation, Ma'am?" An employee asked me when I came in.

"Ah ... Madam Anastasia Vi-" I hadn't finished yet, but he already told me where Madam Anastasia's table and chair are. There I saw madam holding a menu.

"You're here. Don't make me wait, next time. I don't like waiting." She said so I apologized.

I was even 30 minutes early, she was really too early. We didn't talk much and just handed over a piece of paper. I read that and I can't believe what I read.

"Will you make me his secretary?" I blinked so hard.

"Yes? You're going to earn while doing your job for me. Besides, I don't want his secretary." She said so I nodded.

That's fine too, so we can use it for our daily expenses. I was surprised when she put an envelope in front of me.

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