Chapter 4

To my surprise, he suddenly stood up and looked at me badly. I thought he was going to scold me, but I couldn't believe it because he said something different than I thought.

I thought he was going to scold me!

"Oh, I like your confidence, but, dear, you should know that in this whole building, I am the most beautiful and hot. Understand, secretary Gillian." He said that with a gay voice. I almost coughed when I heard what he said.

I know he’s gay, but is this serious? He was very gay when he said that. He looked different.

Now, I know why her mother had the guts to pay someone to make him a real man.

He sat down again and fiddled with the papers on his desk. I was just standing there and didn’t know what to do. I'm worried, I don't know how to approach him. What should I do?

I bit my lip. I couldn't help but smile when I remembered what we watched the other day. I looked down at my chest; the coat I was wearing was still buttoned up.

I didn’t know that that would help me. I was mad at that character in the movies because she seduced the leading man, but now I didn't expect that I needed to do what she did in that movie.

I simply unbuttoned the buttons on my coat. I'm nervous. After I unbuttoned the buttons on my coat, I went out first to get some papers for him to sign. I took a deep breath before I entered again. My tubes that I am wearing are now viewable. I'm lucky that my boobs are big.

"Sir, I need your sign please." I don't know if I'm viewing his expression's right, but he looks like he saw something that made him uneasy.

I went to his side and bent down a little to show him where to sign. He moved a little further away from me, so I came closer again.

"Secretary Gillian, I know where I need to sign it. You don't have to come closer to tell me where I need to sign." He said, so I immediately stepped backward. I suddenly felt ashamed.

"S-Sorry, sir." I said.

"Do you know my mom?" I blinked when he asked that. What should I say?

"What, yes? Of course, I know your mother and all your family members, even you. Hmm... And all of you are always featured in magazines, right?" I breathed hard. I only saw them once in a magazine, I'm not sure that they were always featured in magazines, it's just that I had nothing to say. 

Even though I saw them once in the magazine, I still don’t know all of their family members. My ghad, Gillian! 

"You, sure? Is that all? " He asked that without looking at me.

He stood up and faced me. He handed me what he had signed in front of me. I quickly took the paper from him.

"I'll just remind you to tell Ms. Suzy's secretary to cancel the meeting." He looked straight into my eyes, so I nodded.

"Yes, Sir, I'm going to call Ms. Suzy's secretary." After saying that, I stepped back away from him. I looked at him and was ready to smile, but I felt my heel break and could not immediately hold on to the table to support myself.

It seems that the heel I was wearing was easily damaged because of what happened earlier in the lobby. I hoped so, and I looked at my heel to see if it hadn't been damaged after what happened in the lobby. 

Because Sir Zachary was closer to me, I reached for his clothes to get support so I wouldn't fall, but my eyes almost widened when he joined me in falling.

Maybe he didn't expect me to hold his clothes, so he couldn't balance. What's wrong with you, Gillian! Get yourself up!

I close my eyes when I feel the pain in my back. But I ignored that and opened my eyes. I almost stopped breathing when I saw his shocked expression as he saw me. Our faces are only inches away.

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