She Knows
She Knows
Author: K


17th July ---

“Ding dong

I know you can hear me

Open up the door

I only want to play a little”

A young girl was busy crouching on the ground as she taps the soil with a shovel three times in those three mounds of dirt that appears like Mountains of dirt and sands. She made sure it was the exact same size because, for her, everything should be organized and perfect.

“You misbehaved...” The young girl spoke as her eyes wondered at those three mounds of dirt, the shovel was just beside it all dirty, the girl had this small grin as her eyes adored the thing she just finished dealing with and then starts to dust her clothes that have a mist of soil.

After dusting herself, she took the shovel and went near the water hose that was 10 steps away. Turning the faucet on, she splashes the shovel with it and washes it with soap. After about 5 minutes of washing, she carried the shovel back to the garage.

Suddenly, right as she drops the shovel, she heard the main door of her house being opened, followed by a faint noise of shoes, tapping on the floor.

There had been no other people on the house aside from their maids, gardener, and guards outside the house, so she expected a guest, a friend, her father's co-workers delivering something, or her father.

“Eris! Come here I have a surprise for you” said a man with a voice that is full of authorities but with a shade of excitement as to how he spoke those words. Eris wondered what was with the sudden arrival of her father who usually is never around their house at 2 in the evening.

“I’m on my way Pa,” said the girl with the name Eris. With that response, Eris took a look at her clothes again making sure she was head to toe clean, she spotted some dirt on her air force shoes and groaned at the sight. Then her eyes wander around the garage carefully examining the whole room until her eyes stopped at the red clothing that was lying on the ground. She proceed to walk towards where it was and bent down, as she was about to pick up the red clothing, her father again spoke this time his voice sounded a little bit impatient.

“Eris! Come now!”

Eris sighed but still proceed to pick up the cloth and polish her shoes clean, after 2 minutes of polishing, she tapped her shoes left and right, her satisfied grin was shown up proud on her face. She went to a nearby wooden table that was painted with shiny black making it look more decent, folded the cloth, and placed it at the center.

“I’m on my way Pa,” said Eris who started to jog a little on her way towards where she assumed her father is at. Her expectations didn’t fail her as she found her father standing very still just by the doorstep with the biggest smile.

“Ah, my young lady, all clean and precise…but where is your dog?” Her father who named Eros asked as his eyes roam around the entire house, he expected the dog would be around the house or tailing his daughter just as usual as it wags its tail, but he had seen no signs of a dog, not even a bark.

“Strange, he should be around play—”

“Doesn’t matter, what was the purpose that you had summoned my presence Pa” Her daughter sounded annoyed, the thought of her father summoning her presence in immediate and only to ask questions of where her dog was at.

“Never mind that, as I said I have a surprise for you,” said Eros back to his voice that lingers with although, barely notice because of his voice that sounds like a warrior who just won the battle. But his dark brown eyes couldn’t help but look around still waiting for that little monster who was usually noisy when he gets home, but then snap his attention back to his daughter.

“You really resemble the beauty of your late mother dear, I can see her in you, for the years she’s gone, it has been only you and I, but now there will be a new member in this house. “Eros said as he adores his only girl that his late wife had left for him to cherish.

‘He has a girlfriend?’ said Eris on her mind, the thought of her father finding a girlfriend didn’t sit well with her, for her mother is the only worth of having the title ‘Mother’. Never in her wildest dream of having the thought of calling someone else Mama aside from her late mother nor she will ever let her father have another woman in his life. She had to think if her father had finally reached the pinnacle peak of stupidity, or had he been doing meth to even bring and introduce to her in this house where she is standing.

‘If this is a woman he is introducing to me, I swear to every gods that existed to strike him with lightning in 27 positions.’ Eris thought again as she observed her father's facial expressions. His face displayed excitement, this only add fuel to her thoughts that this was indeed a woman. She then reminisces the moments she had to remember whenever her mother and father are around showing off their unconditional love, as her younger self admired every time her mother and father plays around.

“Come out boy” Her father looks behind his back, Eris look down on the ground expecting to see dog feet but much to her dismay, she instead saw two tiny human feet.

‘A kid?’ her voice inside her mind sounded unpleasant. But as soon as her eyes made eye-to-eye contact with that person beside her father, her breath was taken away at her first glance.

Dark brown eyes clashed with the ever-majestic blue eyes. Although, the person whom she saw with these eyes was not or never a westerner. His skin was tanned but not to the certain extent that he was reddish, but to be more specific his skin would be brownish white.

“Say hi to your adopted little brother Eris, he’s 2 years younger than you,” said Eros as he lightly pushed this new boy into his household.

‘ …. Must protect…..’

Those thoughts were on Eris’s mind as went made her way closer to the young boy.

“His name is Sein, Sein this is my daughter Aeris, don’t be shy, “Eros said encouraging the little boy who stepped back out of embarrassment.

‘…..keep him….’

Thought Eris as she was 2 steps away from her new adopted brother. The little boy tried to make eye-to-eye contact with his new adopted sister, his habit of sucking his thumb came up as he tried to stay calm as soon as Eris was an inch away from him.

‘….. must have him..’

“Hello Sese, my name is Eris Reigo, I’m your older sister who will always protect you!” Eris declared as she hugged the boy who was silently standing and nodded his head as a response.

“Hello…My name is Sein, and I’m 6 years old…pleased to meet you “soon after Sein introduced himself, again he nibbles his thumb trying to not get shy at his adoptive older sister.

“You seem to be scared, but do not worry, for I am your adoptive older sister and she will make sure nothing and no one is going to hurt you…rest assured” Sein find it amusing when Sein nibbles his own thumb, she also adores his dumpling cheeks, her observations on her new adopted brother, his face has facial hair but barely seen if not being stared at.

His nose was cute but pointy making it another charm of his face, below his eyes a slightly visible mole and she also noticed a side cut near to his ears. She frowned.

“Eris is here, she won’t let anything happen to you” Eris then held Sein’s shoulders and took her time to observe him. Temper can only nod his head without removing his thumb from his mouth.

“You two seem to click just okay, very well, I will go back to work now, please take care of your brother Eris, I will be back later at 7 pm, Jassen! Let’s go “Eros called out his driver and he proceed to go outside, as he was about to close the door, his eyes looked at his daughter and his new adopted son. But then, his eyes wander the whole room in the hope the dog was around, but still nothing. His eyes ended up to his daughter who was smiling at the new family member and released a heavy sigh.

“Don’t Lie to Eris Okay?”, said Eris who pats Sein’s head, she observed that Sein likes being pampered so she didn’t stop.

“And don’t misbehave”

“Because she doesn’t like that”

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