Chapter 2: Her Sisterly love

After 20 minutes of walking, Shayne couldn’t help but look at Sein who was obviously preoccupied with his own thoughts. She had been aching to know what happens to Sein whenever he falls asleep and then seemingly has nightmares, but since their friendship just started a week ago, she didn’t push the thought of asking him about it. But since this would be the right time to ask about it, she cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention.

“I didn’t bother to ask you about this on our first day of school, but what is it your nightmare about?” asked Shayne who didn’t look at Sein and just kept on walking as they reached an empty table enough for 8 people.

“I don’t exactly know what it was, come to think of it, I already forgot what it was all about, though after forgetting my dream I get headaches and migraines.” Sein shrugged off his shoulder after answering Shayne's question, he wasn’t lying anyway. During the walk, Sein was in deep thoughts that he had come to the point of forgetting what just happened.

“Huh that is strange, have you gone to check it up?” Shayne asked again but instead of a response, Sein just remained quiet for a sec before he shook his head as a no.

‘Something is not quite right about this…but I’m not in the position’ Shayne thought as she just agreed on her own to ask Sein about this again later.

“Alright I am so hungry, let’s eat” Dinmer declares as he took out his lunchbox as the other did the same except that Sein kept quiet. Andy saw this so she nudges Shay and points her finger at Sein.

“Bro what’s the matter?” Shay looks at the quiet Sein, the latter just bit his lips feeling shy to admit what’s the problem.

“I forgo—" Sein’s response was cut off when he felt a hand on his head. At first, the hand just places still, and it started to pat Sein’s head. Immediately, Sein recognized those gestures and smiled at the feeling of knowing whose hands were those from.

“Sese, you forgot your lunchbox, but no worries Eri is here,” said a voice that almost sound too sweet for its adoptive brother. Sein look behind smiling as he expected his sister was indeed behind him. The gorgeous Aeris came with her best friend Dein. Dinmer’s sister made fun of Dinmer’s lunchbox saying she’s their mother’s favorite child and Dinmer could just sigh.

Aeris had gathered a lot of attention, especially from those boys in the corner who got surprised that the senior student that was to die for in the whole campus came into the junior cafeteria for the first time. Eris’s building was at the other side of the campus, it would be quite a long walk to cross the entire field just to get to Sein, but since she loves her adoptive brother that didn’t matter if she makes sure that Sein won’t starve.

“Next time never forget what Eri packed for you okay? She doesn’t like it when her brother is hungry” Eri spoke as she flicked Sein’s head. Everyone aside from Dinmer and Eri’s friends were shocked after knowing what type of relationship with the great Aeris Reigo was, a 3rd year High School student and the Student Body President of the school after winning against the daughter of the owner of this school. No lies for this girl, she was very talented, smart, and very approachable, even the daughter of this University admit defeat of how great Aeris is. Boys and Girls would throw themselves just to get this girl’s attention.

“Eri, you didn’t have to, you could’ve just sent someone instead of tiring yourself” Sein looks up to his sister as she smiles sweetly.

“Nonsense beloved, I am your sister, and it is my duty to take care of you” Eri sat next to Sein as she took out his lunchbox. Sein scooted closer to her and Eri side hugged her brother. Sein just let her sister do what she does, he had always been a sister’s boy, even Eros finds this cute knowing his adopted son is clingy to his daughter.

A lot of eyes were in Sein and Eris, though Eris never cared for those stares of jealousy. She just wanted to spend her free time with her brother, she had been itching to come and visit him in his room or at the cafeteria, but she had no excuse of how to approach him in school. Not to mention he’s a freshman, but luckily to her favor, she spotted earlier Sein’s lunchbox at the table and now has an excuse to come and visit him.

Shayne here who was in the midway of eating her food stopped the moment she saw one of the people she idolizes, and that person was Aeris Reigo. Caught off guard, she looks at Sein then to Eris, and then to Sein again.

“They’re not the same blood” Dinmer whispers to Shayne and that made a lot of sense of why Sein and Eris never had any resemblance as a sibling.

“Well, hello there, are you guys my brother’s friends? Pleased to meet you.” Politely, Eris spoke as she finally acknowledges the other people that were at the same table. Silver, Shay, and Andy despite being a freshman in the school, already knows who Aeris Reigo is. All three of them admired this gorgeous girl sitting next to Sein.

“Oh, my apologies, my name is---”

“You’re Reigo Aeris, the campus sweetheart” Shay, Shayne, and Andy said in unison. Eris could only giggle at their cuteness and just nodded in a response.

“Your friends are quite flattering Sese” Eris said as she looks at her brother who started eating already like a hungry man. She just shook her head at his display of behavior around a public place. She then grabs a water bottle and put it beside the hungry guy sitting next to her. Dein has been keeping an eye on Sein and Eris the whole time and then grinned. Eris noticed this and then give out a small grin but a slight cockiness shone on her dark brown eyes.

“Damn, I have never seen such a sweet bond between a sister and brother before until these two” Dein started, making Sein stop shoving in his face and look at his sister who put more food in his lunchbox.

“It’s just he’s so precious and needs to feel loved,” Eris replies with a loving smile towards her brother. But then Sein choked as he blushed at that statement. Eris got worried, she opened the water bottle and hand it to Sein. Sein had to look away first as he accepted the bottle.

“This is my sisterly love for my brother, might as well treat your brother like how I do,” said Eris playfully as she raised her eyebrows. Dein looks at her with disgust to Eris and then to her younger brother.

“No thanks”

“Hell Nah”

Dein and Dinmer said at the same time and then rolled their eyes at each other.

Everyone in that place looks at Eris, but to Eris, she only looked at her younger brother who seemed flustered, and then stared at him. Sein was busy wiping his lips and then constantly drinking water, Eris just looks at him with so much love…. or even too much. But even with the over-the-top affection, Eris gives to Sein, it never mattered for her for she thought that everything she does is fully justified.

Eris then grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth with it thoroughly. She then reached to her bag as her hand searched for a specific item, when she felt like she finally found something, she pulled it out and it was a hand sanitizer, she then hands it to Dein who seems to need it too and Dein grabbed followed up with a thank you. Before Dein accepted it fully, she looks at Eris with a sly grin as Eris mirrored that grin as well before her attention shifted back to her beloved brother.

Not for long, from Sein’s peripheral vision he felt his sister's stare and bit his inside cheeks to suppress a feeling he had been feeling ever since he reached teenage phase. Every time Eris shows affection to him, he had been feeling something else that was crossing the line of the title

“Siblings”. He had been trying to find out what was going on with him and with those weird feelings but to this point, he thought about it again with that dream and suddenly remember one scene, he only had a flash of memory of Eris looking at him differently, but then his head started to react badly and had a massive headache. Eris noticed this sign of discomfort, her hand made its way to Sein’s forehead. Sein opened his eyes and saw Eris with a questioning look.

“It’s nothing Eri, it’s just uh small headache” Upon hearing this reasoning from Sein, Eris’s eyes darken but then blink it away and give out a concerned look.

“If you say so,” Eris spoke as she patted his head and then side glanced at Dein who seems to be staring at Eris with a smile.

“If he says so…” Protection Status