Chapter 2

Reid's POV

I groan as I roll over, my arms swinging over and turning my alarm clock off. At least I don't have training today, I think as I roll out of bed. I walk into the bathroom half asleep, my eyes barely open.

As I start to pee I feel my piss splashing everywhere and all over myself.

"What the fuck!"

I yelled as my eyes open all the way trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

To my horror I see my toilet has been saran wrapped and I can't stop peeing so it's going everywhere and all over me.

"Maddox!" I roar.

I'm going to kill that fucking kid!

I finally stopped peeing then race out of the bathroom. I run out of my room, I can hear my brother running down the stairs laughing.

"Get back here you asshole!" I yell as I run down the stairs after him.

"Happy birthday!" He yells as he's running down the stairs.

I finally get downstairs just to find the little shit cowering behind our father.

"Father, he's going to kill me!"

Maddox says still laughing.

My father raises an eyebrow at me.

"Do I even want to know what happened to you?" My father says.

"Saran wrap." Is all I say looking down at myself... I have piss all over my boxers and legs.

I hear my father laugh and I look up glaring at him.

"Really! You too?"

"You smell like piss, you should go shower." My sister says as she walks past me.

"Oh and Happy Birthday!" She says before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Fucking great!" I'm mumble with my hands in the air out to my sides. I turn around then storm back up the stairs.

"I feel so loved... So very flipping loved! I holler out as I stomp up the stairs.

"I love you son!" My father hollers out.

"Yeah right!" I yell back.

Not how I thought I'd start my birthday out! I thought as I step into the shower. He's cleaning up that fucking mess, I'm not! I think to myself.


"So do you think you'll find your mate today?" I hear my aunt Abigail ask from across the table.

"Probably not." I say after swallowing my food. "Not with the luck everyone around here seems to have."

"I think you'll find him today. There's going to be so many people here today for your party." My sister Isabel says.

"Yeah there's two different packs going to be here today." My brother adds.

"I hope all your friends aren't coming?" I say to Maddox. Most of his friends are okay but there's a certain one that I can't stand with a passion.

Alex.... He's a fucking hybrid. A werewolf vampire hybrid. I hate hybrids with a passion. Ever since one killed my best friend Anthony four year ago.

Anthony was visiting another pack when he was attacked and killed by a hybrid. I wasn't able to save him since I wasn't there. I've always hated myself for not going with him that day. He was only 16! We grew up together from diapers.

He was a tiny omega that couldn't even hurt a fly. He was one of the sweetest people I knew.

I spent 3 months straight searching for the hybrid that did this to him until my father came and dragged me home. I was devastated after that. I hated myself for not going with him.

I still can't believe he's gone. He didn't deserve to die like that. The vampire hybrid drained him just enough to keep him alive then tore him apart. I will forever hate hybrids because of that.

Alex knows I hate him yet he still fucks with me and flirts with me. I feel my skin crawl just thinking of it.

"Dad said I could invite my friends, so yes they're coming." Maddox says with a mouthful.

I groan and shove another bite into my mouth. Just fucking great!

"I'm very proud of you son." I hear my father say.

"You've worked really hard the past few years to become the next Alpha. Even though it wasn't easy, you never complained.

I know I pushed you really hard, but look at you now. You've grown up into a fine young man."

He says smiling at me.

"Your going to be a great Alpha."

"Thank you father... I had a great trainer!" I say, smiling at him. He chuckles before taking another bite.

"I'm so glad we're finally going to be able to relax now." I hear my dad say looking at my father.

"I can't wait to show you the world my love."

My father says looking at my dad with so much love.

They plan on traveling. My father wants to show my dad the world, literally. He wants to show him all the places he's never seen. Which is a lot since my dad had a very bad life before he met my father.

He was practically a prisoner until the age of 21.

I've never seen two people more in love than them. They love each other so much.

I don't even think I've ever seen them have a real fight. Sure they've have a little disagreements here and there, but I've never seen them really yell at each other. They've never stayed mad.

I can't wait to find someone to love just like they love each other. I can't wait to have what they have. I just hope it doesn't take me as long as it took my father to find my mate.

I often wonder what he will look like? What his voice will sound like?

What kind of personality will he have?

I wonder if he'll be an Omega?

I'm not going to lie, I kinda hope so. But I'll love him no matter what he is.

He's a gift from the Moon Goddess, the other half of my soul. Whatever he is, he'll be perfect. I will love him no matter what.

I just hope I find him sooner than later.

Abigail Phillips


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