Chapter 11

Julian's POV

I woke up to a strange sensation on my shoulder. I felt this tingling sensation running from my shoulder, down my arm and threw my chest.

I bit my lip so I don't make a sound as I roll onto my back. The pain from last night is unbearable.

I know better than to make a sound.

They want you to cry, they want you to scream out in pain. They thrive on it. It only excites them more.

Most people here have learned to suppress their fears and cries. Even those that have only been here for a short time.

But for some reason I have not.... It's not like I haven't been here for that long. I actually have. Probably longer than most people.

I was born here.

My mother was captured while pregnant and gave birth to me in this hell hole. She was tortured while pregnant with me. Then once she had me they left her alone for a short time. Until I was strong enough to not be on her teets.

Then they ripped me from my mother and continue to torture her until I was strong enough. Then they
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