Chapter 13

Julian's POV

I wake up warm and comfortable. I slowly stretch my body, as I move I realize I'm laying on the soft comfortable thing again and become confused.

I open my eyes and look around. I am back on the warm comfy thing. And he covered me up again. I looked around and I don't see him anywhere, but I do hear water running in the other room. I sit up when I hear the water turned off a few minutes later.

I feel my wolf push forward when he walks out of the room where the water was. We both look at him as he walks out with just pants on hanging low and he's wiping his face with one of those towels. He doesn't have anything on his chest and I find my eyes roaming his chest, admiring it.

His skin isn't white like mine. It's darker and I can't see any of his bones like I can on myself.

His body has all these round firm muscles on his chest and arms. Over his stomach there's defined lines going all the way down to his pants. I look at the lines that disappear below his pants and my wo
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Debbie Proffer
I’m loving Julian

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