Chapter 157

Noah's POV

I squeak when he tosses me on the bed.... No I didn't that was a lie, I don't squeak I'm manly!

Men don't squeak!

Aw hell who am I'm kidding. I squeaked then was panting like a bitch in heat as I watched him slowly strip.

I'm pretty sure I'm drooling at this point but I'm going to ignore that.

I whimper as I watch his delicious cock spring free. Seeing it bounce back and hit his stomach after his boxers caught the tip.

I couldn't help the needy sounds that escaped my mouth at this point. I will claim mentally insane if anyone says they heard me.

I licked my lips wanting to taste that monstrous beast. Wanting him to choke me with it until I can't breath. He growled as he approached me and I instantly felt more slick leak from my needy hole.

I have no idea what his face looked like right now.... I only seen his cock and desperately want it in my mouth.

I'm temporarily brought out of my trance as I feel him rip my close off. I lay here completely naked in front of hi
Abigail Phillips


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goodnovel comment avatar
more please! I can't wait to get to the 3rd book but can't cause I have to finish this 1 first. so excited!

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