Chapter 158 Noah

Noah's POV

"If I do recall correctly, you did say to fuck you while we snuggled right?"

I heard Michael say and I felt the slick leak from me as soon as he said those words.

I moaned as he held my waist and slowly thrusted his hips forward. Feeling the head of his cock as it slowly passed through the tight ring of muscles.

I lifted my face from his chest and he held my face in his hands while he looked into my eyes. I feel him slowly start to move in me.

Feeling my walls stretch around him as he went deeper and deeper until he was buried deep inside me.

" I love you, Noah!"

Michael said as I began to move. Slowly rising up the length of his cock as he looked into my eyes. His thumb gently caressing my face as his eyes raked over my face as if he's looking at it for the first time.

As if he's trying to commit every detail of my face to memory.

I feel how much he loves me, I feel it rolling off of him in ways. It's so overwhelming I feel the tears sting and prick at my eyes as I
Abigail Phillips

I love these two! ūüíďūüíď Shout out to tanchelina for the wonderful idea of having Noah have a little girl. I absolutely loved this idea and had to make it happen. Thank you!

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thank you thank you thank you...... I love them bout a lot and only can imagine how beautiful will be the little princess...... Love and hugs.

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