Chapter 160

Theo's POV

"Fuck you!"

I swore and growled at the end.

Apparently Anders didn't like that and flew up from his seat as soon as I was done speaking. He grab me by the throat , effectively lifting me off the ground and choking me as he growled at me.

Ryder and Noah instantly stood up and tried to remove his hands from my throat but was unaffective since the big bad bear was way too strong for him.

My body dangled and flailed around as I desperately tried to get him to release me. My hands hitting his arms in an effortless attempt to get him to release me as he growled in my face.

My lungs burning as they desperately needed air.

Black dots danced behind my eyelids and I felt myself fading but my body dropped to the ground as Anders went flying.

It took me a moment to realize the situation.

I heard the loudest thunderous growl along with things breaking and the sound of bones breaking.

I quickly shook my head to look at the commotion just to see my Alpha coming to my rescue as he
Abigail Phillips


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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
That was soooo sad. my heart breaks for mark
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope Anders will come back and beg Mark to forgive him
goodnovel comment avatar
Kerry Paterson
this chapter left me ... too early in the morning for this lol loved it I hope anders sees science and realizes he's just hurt and almost lost his mate

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