Chapter 161

Theo's POV

It's been over a month since the day Anders took off and left. I haven't been able to forgive myself. Even though Mark says it's not my fault I feel like it is. I feel like if I wouldn't have said anything maybe he would have never left. But as angry as he was, maybe it was still inevitable.

There's no way he was simply that angry at Mark because I said something to him for his actions. That anger and rage was there the moment he laid eyes on Mark. I remember I could almost feel it rolling off of him through the window as he stood on the other side staring at Mark with so much hate.

But even so, I regret ever saying anything. Maybe he would still be here, not necessarily our packed but at least with Michael.

Mark says he doesn't blame me, he says it's not my fault and he's not mad at me. He actually thanked me for standing up for him, he said no one has ever done that for him.

Mark was in pain for 2 weeks from the rejection. The first few days he was pretty much constantly s
Abigail Phillips


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goodnovel comment avatar
I’m really confused— is Damien no longer the Beta of the Pack with Pack responsibilities? Why would Xavier be in the office working but Damien is not— when Xavier is not a pack officer?
goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter has so many emotions. One minute I’m angry for Mark and the next I’m happy for Damien and Theo.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tanya Gencheva
ahhh Anders just then rejectd Mark and live that poor boy to find love....I still little hope that he will come around

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