The Lost Luna Within
The Lost Luna Within
Author: Alyse F. Yvonne



Walking through the forest with no memory of which direction I came from or which direction I am going, at this point it’s frustrating. I am terrified, I smell like a wet dog from sweating and I need a nap. But I can't turn back now.

I have visions of the most beautiful woman with light blonde hair and pale blue eyes and a handsome, yet warm man with dark brown hair and jade green eyes. The same image in my head that I have been seeing since before I escaped that horrid foster home last week. I like to think it's of my parents or maybe it's what I conjured my parents to look like in my mind. Who knows?

I took off in the middle of the night to the woods 5 nights ago. Almost like it was calling to my soul, pulling me towards a sense of home I have been wanting my whole life.

At first I wasn't scared, I felt a sense of peace being away from people who beat the hell out of me, called me names, told me my freckles across my cheeks made me look weird, like I was dirty. My dark blonde hair, and seafoam green eyes made me stand out. Everyone told me that I was ugly and that's why my parents gave me away. They all said that I was weak and not good for anything but being a punching bag for other people's frustrations.

I had finally had enough of being discarded by everyone in my life like garbage and decided to follow my gut into the woods. And whatever happens, happens. Whether it be getting mauled to death by a bear or becoming a wolf's dinner, then that is my fate. Anything is better than staying another day in that hellhole. 

But now, I'm scared because it truly sounds like there are wolves in this forest, howling somewhere in the distance. Which doesn't surprise me, we are in Montana.. Okay, maybe I should be worried about being eaten.... I clearly did not think through this impulsive decision!

The leaves around me are a combination of crimson and orange, reminding me that fall is in full effect. 

The breeze that comes through the pines and oaks are whistling melodies that make me want to take a nap. It blows right through my hair and makes my eyes water. Which just makes it all worse, but I cannot do that. I don't know where I am going and I can't just stop in the middle of the woods right now. Not when a damn bear might come out and eat me.

At least I have decent clothes on for this weird trip I am making. Even though I didn't bring anything else with me. I am wearing a nice peach colored hoodie that is thick, a black Nirvana T-Shirt underneath it, blue jeans and boots. These boots WERE NOT made for walking by the way. Listen at me in my thoughts, giggling at myself. I bet the forest creatures are looking at me like I'm crazy! 

All I can think about is looking for a big bush or low hanging tree or, dang, even a cave to sleep in. Something to keep me out of sight of the predatorial animals around me or the hunters in the forest. 

At this point, I will just keep walking through the woods until I no longer have some sense of panic in my heart. It's making my chest tighten and my heart rate quicken, but my body is not letting me stop yet.


(Three Days Later)

I don't know what just happened to me, but I was sleeping in this cave I found and I just jerked awake... I can’t believe I even found this cave, tucked away like someone was keeping it hidden. What the hell is that about!? I finally felt some of the panic ease off long enough for a nap. Then, suddenly, my body jerks me awake? And for what? I can't even hear anything! Not even little rodents scurrying around the forest floor. I don't know how I can hear that well anyway. And even though I can see my breath and I know that it's cold, my body is weirdly warm. But that's normal. I am never cold. But this feeling is so odd.... Like worse than the panic I was feeling before!

My body jerks up off the ground and I look around. Why am I getting nervous again?... Is it because I woke myself up in the middle of the night? Or that I am still in the woods? Or that I still have no fu.cking idea where I am going or what I am going to do?!?!?!

I go to take a step out of the cave, when suddenly all of the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. I try to take my surroundings in. The moon seems to help my vision at night. So at least there is that..

Suddenly, I take my step and I hear a growl. Oh God!!! This is it, that damn bear I was worried about is fixing to devour me...

Can I outrun it? Probably not..  Dammit!!! I never paid enough attention in school for this I step back into the cave as I hear the thuds coming closer.. Yes it's gotta be a damn bear, it sounds HELLA huge!!!

Lord, please just make this bear turn around and find its late night snack somewhere else! I have hardly any meat on my bones anyway.. 

I hear whatever is coming closer, and my heart is beating out of my damn chest. Any second, and this damn thing is going to find me and then eat me...!!!

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Aaron Brewer
After reading this book in full previously, I have to remember that the characters' names were changed...... I'm trying to get used to "Delaney" but it may take me a while..

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