Chapter 2


We arrived at the packhouse in an hour, since I didn't know if she even knew she was a werewolf, which is so strange to me, I didn’t ask any werewolf related questions.. At a very young age, you get heightened senses and skills regardless of rank or age. She should be able to see in the dark, smell from miles away and run faster than humans at the very least.

'Hey Terrin, I have a guest. Make sure no pack members are in wolf form. I have got to investigate this new guest before I allow her to see everything.' I say through mindlink.

'Ohhhh a girl. Maybe she's my mate. Is she cute?' He jokes.

'Ughhhhh!! Don't even think about it. ' I growled. Wait, that must’ve been Zues. Couldn’t have been me.

'Oh is she off limits there, bossman? I thought we always shared everything. ' He jokes. 

I can tell he's smirking and snickering through the mind link. What do I say to him to let him know I don't want her being harrassed by any other males but also know that I won’t be taking her as a girlfriend or mate or anything like that? 

'Right now she is all mine, but just for fun. If I end up getting bored with her, maybe I'll let you take a turn. But right now, no. Only me. Plus, I am not sure she even knows she's a werewolf at the moment. But keep that between us, Future Beta.'  I lied, hoping he caught it. 

'Ohhhh I gotcha, Alpha. First come first serve. No worries. I can wait for somewhat fresh meat. These annoying she-wolves and humans around the pack have been boring me lately.' He says in another joke. Terrin isn’t the sleeping around type. He only sleeps with girls he is serious about. And even then, it takes him a while. 

I had to cut the link right then because everything he said pissed me off. Shit, even everything I said pissed me off.

I went to touch her shoulder to guide her inside the packhouse. She flinched away slightly, she tried to make it seem unintentional, but I noticed. 

"Look, I don't really know you well enough for you to touch me. So, if you could, please keep your hands in your pockets. Thanks." She said to me with confidence, but to me it was like she didn't like to be touched in any way. Hmmm. That will be something I have to work on if I ever want to get her into my bed. I retracted my hand. If I want her that way, then I'll have to play it her way. For now.

First, I gotta keep her out of view of others or she will be gawked at and everyone will be trying to swoon her since she is new and who am I kidding, she’s gorgeous. Plus, I have to try to figure out if she knows what she is but is hiding it because she can't trust me yet. Or if she just doesn't know at all? Will I have to break the news to her? Wait, why should I care? I guess we'll just have to see how it all plays out.


We walked for what seemed like forever. I have only eaten berries and basically bushes for the last week, so I am extremely exhausted and starving. I know I shouldn't have gone with a stranger, even if he is a gorgeous stranger. But being gorgeous doesn't make him any less of an asshole. Calling me a whore because the creepy guy he knew was chasing me. Then just killed him right in front of me. I think that I am still shocked that I didn't scream or cry. I think I am in full survival mode at this point. But even in survival mode, that should have freaked me out. But somehow or another, I felt like it was justice. And I don’t know why.

 I'll just get some half-a.ssed sleep, a decent meal, a shower and a change of clothes. And be back in the forest by tomorrow night looking for where I am meant to go. I think. Hopefully.

We walked up to this huge castle-looking, 3-story building. All gray washed stone, with huge windows everywhere. Most of the curtains were drawn to where you can't see into the rooms, but some were open on the bottom floor, letting the moonlight from the night peer into this little mini-castle. It looked so homey and warm but also so modern and mysterious.

I looked at the gorgeous asshole, Orion. And he looked like he was having a frustrating conversation with himself. Hopefully, this isn't like one of those things I heard about watching crime documentaries. Like Wild Bill. Maybe he was thinking of a way to Hansel and Gretel me. 

I take in my surroundings, just in case. The front of the castle has a beautiful white marble fountain with intricate details of wolves running under the moon chiseled into the bottom. The sprout of the fountain was a gorgeous woman with long hair and a nice flowy dress holding the moon above her head all made of marble. That is where the water was coming out onto the fountain, was the moon. It was lit up as well, not like with lights, but its own glow. I was trying to study it closely to see how it illuminated so well at night time. But it was so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Gorgeous- asshole Orion went to raise his hand to my shoulder, I guess to guide me inside.

"Look, I don't know you well enough for you to touch me. So if you could, please keep your hands in your pockets. Thanks."

I do NOT like being touched in any way, shape or form. Years of being abused and tortured by so-called "families" will do that to you. He didn't overstep though and retracted his hand.

I kept chewing on my lip and him putting his hand away put me at ease for a second but also made me sad immediately after.

What the hell is going on with me? It has to be exhaustion hitting me. I don't even know this murderer. But here I am just as jolly as I can be, walking next to someone that not even thirty minutes ago snapped a man's neck in front of me.

But ever since I met this handsome asshole, my sense of panic has died down a lot. I am still nervous because I don't want to be killed since I know he's capable of it. But I also feel sort of safe. Which is weird because I can't remember any time in my life when I felt that feeling. Safe.

All I know is I will NEVER depend on anyone else for my happiness or my life. I only have myself to depend on. I have to move forward, for me. I know no one is looking for me, which is okay. And I seriously don't know how, after all the years of torture and abuse, I still have a strong confidence and will to survive, or a gut feeling that I am meant for something more.

But whenever you have so many unanswered questions about your life and where you come from and where you will end up, that kind of gives you the push to keep going. Just for the answers.

Let's just make it through the rest of the night and tomorrow and see where my road will lead me. I can only pray it'll be a little easier from here on out. As long as I stay in survival mode and don't let people think they can push me around, I should be okay. 

Being a little lost is better than being walked on. I think.

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