Chapter 4: The Truth.


Last night was completely dreadful. I am currently taking a cold shower right now because it was THAT terrible. I was going to call Heather, but just the thought of her made me want to gag. And how come I have not noticed that smell. Like sour lemons.. *Bleghh*

It’s so weird. Yesterday we had a quickie before I felt someone on our land, and today I can’t stand the thought of her.

I wanted to be in that bed with Delaney so badly. 

It was more than sexual though. And that is why it is terrible!! I do not want any female to have that type of hold on me. Not to be able to control me with a smile, or a giggle. To distract me from my Alpha duties, or to make me think of ways to always protect her. 

You would think because I have amazing parents who are in love I wouldn't be this way. But I am this way because of them. 

3 years ago on the day after I turned 16 , we were attacked by rogues. My mom was in the backyard when it happened and was trying to get the children inside the bunker. 

Everything happened so fast that the rogue sliced her pretty bad before anyone could get to her. She lost so much blood they didn't think she was going to make it. My dad went berserk when she was in the hospital. Thrashing everything, trying to break everything in his site. Almost killed 2 of our warriors. I have seen my dad pissed and it was scary. But that was a whole other man. He literally killed every rogue that attacked our pack. And if she wouldn’t have made it, I think he could’ve been so out of it that he would’ve hurt innocent pack members. 

 She luckily made it, though she is still weak to this day. When she was slashed, they poisoned her with wolfsbane and a silver concoction. The pack doctors were able to get most of it out but not all of it. It left her weak. She can still shift but she doesn't possess the strength or abilities she did before the attack.

I just cannot give someone that kind of control over me. So since then, I have done away with the thoughts of love and mates. Mates are only good for giving you an heir. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus I hear the sex is phenomenal. 

I mean I get off with Heather, or Chrissy but that is just a release. At least Chrissy will leave me alone afterwards. Heather is a fu.cking leech!! Clinging to me any time her eyes land on me. Always think that because I bed her she will be Luna. HHHAAAA!! I busted out laughing in the cold shower. She thinks she can change my mind the more she is around. But that’s not going to happen. 

I guess I better get dressed for the day and go check on Delaney. I throw on a Blink-182 T-shirt, some cargo shorts and my camouflage crocs and I am ready to go. Dressed totally for comfort for my discussion with Delaney today because I don't really think I am going to like what she is going to say. And it'd be easier to handle it in comfy clothes rather than a suit or even blue jeans. 

I open my door thinking it was going to be a good day and as soon as I step into the hallway there is the Leech herself. Ughhhh. I roll my eyes. 

"What do you want, Heather? It's too early in the morning for your and whining!" I say harshly. I can't be a full-on prick, she is still a pack member. 

"Wow you'd talk to your girlfriend that way??" She looks fakely offended. My eyes are saucers right now. 

"What the did you just say? You are not my girlfriend.. We fool around. THAT is it. You will not be my girlfriend, Luna, Wife, nothing!! And at this point I don't even want to sleep with you anymore. So if you could, please remove your caked-up face and fake lashes from the ALPHA floor. Thanks, much appreciated." I say sarcastically. 

I don't like to be a full on dick to anyone. But it's what I have to do because I peaked over Heather's shoulder to see Delaney's door cracked. I cannot let her see Delaney in there, she will barge in there and wake her up and start talking to her and I have a feeling the poor girl has been through enough.

'I knew you cared about this girl. I told you you'd like her.' Zeus says as we are eyeballing the door. 

'I already told you, Z. I am not a sh*t Alpha. I am just aaaa, what's the word, f*ck boy. Hahahaha.' I love making him mad.

'Please for the love of the Mother Moon Goddess, DO NOT ever say that out loud. Well I hope you grow out of that quickly. Because I am peeking through the door and the girl that is asleep on the bed is perfection in more ways than just looks. I can feel her Aura already. 4 days before her birthday. She's not a low rank, WHATSOEVER!'  Well he's awfully chipper this morning. 

'What did I tell you yesterday, Z! Nothing more than an heir maker. PERIOD. I don't care about her bloodline or her pedigree. No love, no mate markings, just "MATING"' I say wiggling my eyebrows at him. Oh he's pissed now. 

'Orion, I know you like to push. my. buttons. But if she were my mate, speaking about her that way would make me want to throw you off a cliff and I would die happily knowing you can't speak ill towards her, or hurt her in any way shape or form.' Why is he like this suddenly?

Well that sounded like a real threat. Either he has it really bad for her after only seeing her for a few hours or he knows something I don't. OR BOTH... I look into the door now that Heather has stomped away since I was ignoring her while I fought with Zeus.

 Before I knock I just take the sight in. She has beautiful tan legs but I see yellowing and faded purples and blues all over her legs... How did I miss that last night? Was that from her trip in the woods? Or is that what she is running away from? What could she be afraid of that at 17 she would run into a wild place and just adventure along? Was it her old pack? Was she seriously abused?? Or did she get into a fight and couldn't take care of herself and decided to dip? 

I need to get it together, all of those scenarios just pissed me off. I could clear the pack house with my aura like this. It would wake my mother and father out of a dead sleep. 

And she hasn't even wiggled. Her hair is all over the place. She looks like she had such an amazing rest. I want to let her keep resting but I am ready to know more about her.

I knock on the door, and she bolts up. Her hair drops directly in her face and she frantically looks around. I think she doesn't realize she is in the pack house. She starts scooting away from me but she can't see me fully. 

"Delaney, it's Orion. Remember? I brought you back from the forest last night. You are in my house, in your own room. You're safe." Dang, I am pulling out all the stops for her without knowing it until after I do it. 

She sighs deeply. Relieved I think.

 "Good morning ass- I mean Orion." She giggles and slightly groans. I just roll my eyes. "I guess that nickname has stuck to me then?" I reply with a chuckle. "Yeah, you kind of earned it though. If I am being truthful. But luckily for you, you are redeeming yourself nicely. hahaha" 

"Well come on Delaney the comedian, get dressed so we can get breakfast and have our talk!" I clap my hands together still in the doorway. I do not trust myself in her room right now. Just looking at her just waking up I am getting a hardon. And I have to back out soon or she'll notice. What the hell is wrong with me? I usually have to have at least a few drinks before anyone becomes remotely hot. And then I have to have a few more to get this much blood flow. Goddess I sound like an old human man... 

She hasn't moved and is laughing at me. "What's so funny?" I raise my eyebrow at her with a smirk. 

" I have never said anything like this to anyone in my life, so if I mess it up just don't laugh, okay? But you get so spacey sometimes like you are in a whole ‘nother world, and it's pretty cute. Like you are just having full conversations in your head and I have never seen just a big guy such as yourself do things like that. I find it.... adorable." I BUST OUT LAUGHING!! 

Not because she said anything wrong but because I was just referred to as adorable. I am a damn Alpha male, the next ALPHA in line to lead this pack. I have never been called that, even by girls I bed. She is scowling now, probably thinking I am laughing at her. Now that is cute. 

"I am sorry Laney, I wasn't laughing at what you said. It's just I have never been called 'adorable’, soooo it is new for me!" ahahahaa. 

"Apology accepted." Wait, what? Ahh f**k, I did apologize. Shit I never do that. I bet Zeus is playing around with me today. 

"Well come on Mr. Adorable, let's get breakfast." She laughs as she jumps out of bed, I was about to walk out of the doorway. I looked over at her. Oh shit, oh hell no she has to change. 

"Laney, there are people downstairs. Not anyone you have to meet, talk to or anything like that but you might want to change from your Pjs." 

She blushes pretty hard for about 3 seconds, and then it's gone in a flash. That was cool and weird all at the same time. How can she control her emotions like that? I noticed it when she winced when I went to touch her shoulder, and her super small shivers when I said something to her trying to flirt in my Batman voice. I'll add that to my mental note of questions. 

‘I can’t believe you still refer to it as your ‘Batman’ voice.’ Z is rolling in my head. 

"Go ahead in the bathroom and change. I will wait for you by the door." She nods and darts so fast to the bathroom I barely saw her move. There is something incredibly fascinating about her.

'Terrin. I am fixing to come down for breakfast with my guest. Inform everyone to be on their best behavior. She might not want to talk to anyone except for hello's and I don't want to make her uncomfortable.'

'You got it bud. But uhmm, comfortable? You are worried about someone else's comfort other than your own?' Here we go. I knew I was gonna catch shit for this.

'Am I really that bad, T? That I can't care for another werewolf's well-being?' I ask, feigning hurt through the link.

'Of course not Ry, it's just this particular werewolf has something you want. And you worrying about her comfort to get it is what is baffling. Hahahahaha.'

I am surrounded by idiots. First Zeus, now Terrin. At least he's not making jokes this morning. So that is a plus. Delaney walks out of the bathroom. Her hair pulled back, a Panic at the D!sco T-shirt on, bootcut blue jeans and the black converses she came in. We already look like a pair....

OH HELL FUCKING NO!!! No pairing. No matching couple sh*t. No coupling whatsoever..

"Well come on Mr. Cute. I am starving." She giggles.

"So instead of assh-Orion, it's Mr.Cute? I am not sure I prefer Mr. Cute over assh-Orion though!" I chuckle. Man, I don't laugh this much. EVER.

"It's your choice. But if it makes you feel better I won't say either when we are around people. Don't want to deflate your ego." She is belly laughing and it's the most joyous sound ever. I am gonna have to sleep with her soon or I am going to be a puppy for her til I do. 

We walked past a few pack members. They just bow their head slightly and eye the newcomer. She looks unfazed though. Her head back and shoulders up. If the looks were bothering her you wouldn't be able to tell. 

We grab some pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and fruit with orange juice and water and we go out back to my mom's garden to eat. A little bit away from everyone so she can speak freely. We go ahead and start eating and she is eyeing all the plants. It's fall but my mom has a green thumb and can make anything grow anytime of year. 

"Alright Laney, how about I will ask a question, you answer. Then you ask a question and I will answer?” She nods. 

"Where did you come from?" She sighs.

"I have been an orphan in the foster care system since at least 6 years old. That is as far back as I remember. Most of the foster homes I went to were horrible. But this last place was the worst. I just couldn't stay any longer. I didn't even care if a bear ate me when I came to the forest. I just had to be away from that place." I can tell she is uncomfortable. 

"My turn. Why did you kill creepy Chris? Not saying he doesn't deserve it. But what was the reason?" I knew this was going to be one of her questions. I just thought she would wait until we talked about her being a werewolf first. 

"Delaney, what I am going to tell you might be a shock, okay? I want you to listen carefully to every word I say and know that when I say this I am not joking. It isn't a trick I am playing on you. It's a lot of information to take in. Okay?" She eyes me for a second and then slowly nods. I take a deep breath. 

"I killed him because he was banished from my lands. My lands mean my pack. I know you wanna know what that is also, I am getting to that. We, in this pack, are werewolves. We can shift into huge wolves and be in wolf form. I have a wolf. His name is Zeus and we share the same body. He can see you now and when we are in wolf form I can see you too. Chris was banished from this pack for some crimes he committed. And since he trespassed on our pack land again we had every right to kill him.." She is slightly tense, but not overwhelmed or shocked. Just kind of blank…

“I just have this feeling that next you’re going to tell me I am a werewolf too.” She looks at me with wide eyes but I can see the smirk playing on her lips.

I take in a deep breath, and continue.

"Delaney as a werewolf we can sense other werewolves. We can smell them, feel their presence around us. It lets us determine who in the supernatural world is around. Which is handy. When you ran into me yesterday it was because I sensed two werewolves on our pack lands trespassing. When you collided with me I could smell that you were in fact a werewolf also." She has wide eyes and is staring at her lap where her hands are on her knees. She throws her index finger up like she knows I am going to ask her something. Maybe she just needs a second to process this. So I guess that answers my question as to if she didn't know or not. 

After about 2 more minutes, she finally exhales and so do I. I thought we both might pass out from holding our breath. "Okay, so you’re saying I’m a werewolf? That is cool. I think. But I do not have a wolf, cause I have never shifted into anything, I don’t think anyway.”

She doesn’t say anything for a moment. “ But by the look on your face that means that I should be getting my wolf soon. So my next question is, why didn't you kill me too? IF I am a werewolf trespassing on your land like creepy Chris?" Wow she is taking all of this super well. I can't imagine growing up in the human world and running into a couple of werewolves, watching one kill the other, and then spending the night in the killer's house. Then to be told that you too are a werewolf. She should've passed out from shock. 

"His crimes were punishable by death but his victims wouldn't testify. They were too young. He was a child molester. But because of him being accused by multiple children, we were able to banish him. Once he decided to step back into our pack lands he was free game. And honestly, I have been hoping he would, just so I could end his life." I may be a pig, who has messed up views about women sometimes. But I HATE a child predator. 

Her eyes were darting and she started to breathe a little heavier. She must realize what would have happened if she wouldn't have gotten away. 

"Laney, the only reason you didn't fully get away is because you ran into me. Literally. If I didn't block your path you would have outran him by a long shot. You did good.” She seemed to slightly relax at that sentiment.

“Also, I shouldn't have said what I did when we met in the woods. I really wasn't thinking when I said it. I apologize. I hope you can forgive me for that." She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes, the sun hitting them just right. I have got to quit apologizing.

This is not how I play this damn game…

"I forgave you when it happened, Orion. You didn't know who I was or if we had relations. It's okay to assume and be wrong sometimes. No hard feelings." Who the fuck is this girl? She held her hand out to me to shake and as soon as I touched her hand a warmth spread through my chest and she gasped but not at me, she had her head turned to the garden and everything that was just planted was completely full grown and in full bloom. WHAT THE F**K!! I look back at her and she's still in awe and she tightens your grip on my hand. It feels nice.... 

I tighten my grip back on her hand and she finally looks back at me and our hands. She tries to slightly pull away but I don't want to let her hand go. She obliges and we just sit there for a few more minutes in silence looking at the full bloomed garden. We finally let go of each other's hands and she is the first to talk. 

"I think we should do more of the questions later. I want to know what my job is going to be. When do I start? All that jazz." She is so excited. 

"Laney, why won't you just stay here and relax and take my offer to just let me get you on your feet? I don't mind really." 

"Mr. Cute '' She whispers that now there are people in the garden. " I won't allow anyone to 'take care' of me because everyone always wants something in return for their good deeds. There is always a price.” She says.

“ If I earn my way in life no one can hang it over my head. I have to learn to depend on myself. Not you or your pack. I would like for us to be friends but I do not want you as my caretaker. I don't expect anyone to give me a handout. All the good stuff in life you get doesn't get handed to you on a silver platter. So thank you again for the hospitality, even now I have an inkling that you don't do this for everyone." She giggles. I can never get tired of hearing that. "But I would rather work for my keep. ‘IF’ I decide to stay in your pack, um permanently, I will need a way to take care of myself."

I am staring at this marvelous creature in front of me. She is determined, composed, she works through her feelings well. She listens perfectly and she is such an old soul at heart. I think I have the perfect job for her. 

"I have the perfect job. It is demanding. Not physically but mentally. A lot of quick problem solving skills are needed. Think you can do that?" She nods very quickly and smiles. 

"I am going to be the new Alpha in a few months when my dad decides to retire. I have been training and learning everything about running a pack. Even though I will have my own way of doing things when it is my turn. I still have to learn things his way first. But keeping up with the paperwork, the documents, guard patrol schedules, job changes within the pack, and all that stuff is hard for me when I am focused on other things and I tend to be ummm, unorganized. So, you can be my personal assistant." She slits her eyes at me for a moment. Then she smiles widely.

"As long as you don’t try to make this one of those weird ‘ hot bosses assistant’ type things, I'd be HONORED ALPHA CUTE!" She salutes me and we both burst out laughing.

This way I can keep an eye on her. Wait.. She just called me hot.. I shake my head at that thought. She can earn her way. And I can woo her into my bed. I have a gut feeling she is my mate. But my plans of only bedding her are not changing at all. I think she will be much more tolerable than anyone else. 

"Alright to get started we are going to go around and meet everyone. You, as my assistant, will have to learn everyone's name, jobs, etc.” I tell her and then look at the clock. “Oh, I almost forgot we can do the meet and greet after training. The next one starts in 15 minutes." 

"Training?" She cocks her head at me. "Yeah fighting, running, endurance everything a young werewolf like yourself will need to defend yourself if ever needed. I’d at least like to walk you through the training grounds. " She has the biggest grin plastered on her face! 

"LET'S GO *Mr. Cute*" she whispered the last part. ahahahahah. 

This really might turn out to be a good day.

Oh lover boy.’ Zeus says in my head. And I just roll my eyes.

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