Chapter 19: Introductions


We are up bright and early this morning.

We're heading to breakfast before heading to this Alpha meeting with Alpha Maddox that I got to meet after the attack. I swear three to four days in this pack, and I have already stopped killings, gained a mate and a bite mark and now I am fixing to attend a meeting with my Alpha mate to discuss business.

Which reminds me. “Orion, just so we are clear since I am now your mate, that means I can’t be the Alpha’s assistant. Sooo, please tell me that position was made up just to keep me close.” I say with a laugh. His face is stoic, one eyebrow cocked.

“What if it wasn’t? Does that mean I get to find another hot and short blonde to keep as my assistant?” He says stopping us from walking.

“Not in your WILDEST dreams!” I growled. I meant it as playfully buy Hera came forward. She did not like that. “Sorry babe. Hera didn’t enjoy your joke.” I say as the shock falls from his face.

“It’s okay, my love. I have really got to get used t
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