Chapter 20


I can't believe she can just hug me and say those things to me as if they were true. I have always been looked at as the girl everyone wants to bed. I thought using that to my advantage would work out.

What if what she is saying is true? What if I meet my mate and he turns out to be amazing and a bad ass, and he doesn't want me because of how I act? Shit, I wouldn't want someone like me. I'm going to take her advice and sit outside till the feast. I need to know what she will say tomorrow.

I almost don't hate her anymore. I don't think so. I don't think I actually hated her to begin with. Just the fact that Orion looked at her the way I wanted him to look at me.

The way I wanted any man to look at me. With love. Not just lust.

I'm outside in the garden, I want to do what she asks me to and take in my surroundings and see what that does. I feel the sun. The rays, beaming on my face. Soaking into my skin. The smells are crisp cool air, like the freshest of air. Mixed with w
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