Chapter 21: Baby Girl


It’s time for the meeting, then we will have a big dinner tonight in celebration.

My father and I own the largest construction company in the United States. We not only build for humans but for most of the supernatural world. We do start to finish building. Anything our customers want.

My dad has built this business from the ground up and I already know how to run it. It's just the Alpha stuff I'm still trying to get right. Business deals I can handle. But making my own way as an Alpha. Keeping the pack not only happy, but safe. That is something I am taking pretty seriously.

Maddox is the foremost leader in real estate and development. That is why I think us becoming business partners and having an alliance would help us both. Miles doesn't know but all of this was my idea. Everyone thinks my dad created this meeting but today they will know it was me.

Delaney finally comes back into view when my eyes land on her. I can never get enough of looking at her.

"Hey gorgeous, gla
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