Chapter 23: Mates Galore


To say I'm shocked at myself for being so forward would be an understatement. I can't believe all of that just happened. I just had his penis in my mouth. Which is crazy cause I didn't even know what to do. But Hera coached me. She was enjoying it all just as much as I was. He tasted so good. And all the things he did to me felt magical. And afterwards, I just feel happy.

We are heading to his office for the meeting. And then I'm heading to check on the rogue wolf’s family. Got a surprise though for Maddox, Orion was right, today would be a full day..

I walk in and Orion is behind me. I go to sit in one of the chairs and Orion pulls me into his lap. "Now you know this isn't professional, don't you?"

"After that little bit of fun, there's no way you aren't sitting with me. Or at least desperately close to me." He chuckles. And that is my favorite sound. Right next to his moans. Ughhh. Get it together Delaney.

"Come in." Alpha Maddox walks in with a good looking man behind
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