Chapter 25: Almost Gone


We make it into the packhouse, uninterrupted. Finally. But that might have a lot to do with Orion sending a mindlink out to make sure everyone leaves us alone so we can actually rest.

The moment we hit the bed, and I am snuggled into Orion’s arms my eyes close.

But weirdly everything is so cold around me. I feel like I’m laying on a hard stone floor but my eyes are so heavy. I can't open them back up.

'Hera, what's going on?'

Silence... Where is my wolf?? Where is Orion?? My whole body is losing heat, I can feel the anxiety rush through my whole being.

"Such a beautiful little specimen. I can't believe I let you get away the first time... Should have taken you when I had the chance all those years ago... No worries you will be mine again..." I am trembling, I know that voice. I would know that voice anywhere. I have worked so hard to forget his voice, his face and to find myself again. But it never worked...

"What do you want from me?? Haven't you taken enough from me by n
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