Chapter 26


So the little bitch is not only a blessed wolf and mated to an Alpha. But she also has supreme blood running through her veins.

Hmmmm. Exquisite.

I knew all those years ago when she was just a pup that she had this essence about her. It just delighted me. And even though she grew, my obsession with her grew with her. It wasn't because she was a child. It was because she was powerful.And that is something I have always craved.

I have about three moles within the Dark Pine pack that I have reporting to me. But they aren't really giving me secrets no one else knows. Just things that they are announcing to the whole pack. I wonder if my little nightmare pop up rattled her any. Safe to say she will be on alert, but how does on escape from their dreams. That is how I will keep getting to her.

She has always been and always will be mine. And soon I'll be ready to stake my claim on her. And nothing will stop me.


I'm making my way to the prison with food and a change of
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