Chapter 27: A New Gamma & A Poisoning


Finally finshed up with coordinating new measures for the pack's security systems. After that rogue attack, I don't think my heart can handle any more bullshit. Especially not with Delaney's dream the other night.

I make my way to the dining room with the big windows. Persephone likes the view. I see my mom sitting at a table and I decide to join her for a few. I used to think of her as weak and to much of a hazard sometimes because of her easily being sick. But now I'm curious if she's been constantly poisoned this whole time. We've had someone watching her and checking her food discreetly now. Hoping to catch whoever was poisoning her. But they must've caught on or stopped.

My mother has always been a beautiful woman. I'm very proud to be her son but I've been a fool all this time. Pushing her away. Even if it wasn't poison. She couldn't help being sick. It's not like that's what she's wanted. But for whatever reason, I still blamed her for it. Finding my seat across from
Alyse F. Yvonne

I hope you all are enjoying these updates. I am going to try my best to focus on one book at a time :) So stay tuned for new chapters!

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