Chapter 28


Finally, I'm waking up. I thought I'd be knocked out forever. I look around and this place doesn't look familiar. Where the fuck am I?

It's a damn cage.. I look to the ceiling and it doesn't connected to the roof. I adjust my eyes around to the room, and the cage hugs the bed, wrapping around it for literally no room to move..

I don't feel Hera either, What in the hell??

I try to call out for Orion but it only comes out as a cry! A... A fucking baby cry??

I look around the room and I'm in a nursery. Did I travel back in time to being a baby? Did I die and this is me coming back as a baby?!?!

Tears pour from my eyes. I didn't want to die. I wanted to marry Apollo and have babies. I wanted to be a good mother, wife and Luna. I wanted to find my mom and dad and brother and bring them home. Meet my new sister in law...

Why is this happening to me?!?! I just can't stop crying!!!!

"Hey there there sweet girl, mommy is here. "

Mommy? I look up and I immediately quit crying. Th
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