Chapter 29


"YOU DID WHAT??" He hollers at me. He's never hollered at me. Never raised even an octave at me.. But I can understand why he's upset. Sitting in a wooden dining room chair a little ways away from his bed.

"I was just trying to bring her here quickly to help you," I say feeling upset with the whole situation. I didn't do any research on their pack or their patrols or anything like that. I figured she was going to be an easy grab because she was new. I guess I should've known being the mate to the future Alpha would've been trickier. I even asked them to bring me the current Alpha's mate.

I'm not used to the pack hierarchy. The fundamentals of how the world works for werewolves, even being mated to one is so new to me. I run my fingers through my ginger red hair and sigh in frustration. I hear my sweet mate sigh exhaustedly. The poison is moving so much more quickly than we initially thought.

"Diana, my love. I'm sorry for yelling at you but that is my baby sister. She
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