Chapter 31: Not A Child


Sitting down at the breakfast table with a grin plastered on my face. Last night was somewhat magical. Put me at so much ease and really relaxed my body. I look at his gorgeous stubbled face. Anxiety is rising in my body looking at someone so hot.

'You keep looking at me like that baby girl and I will devour a flower right here at this table, in front of everyone.'

Melted and completely wet. 'Wait, why did you sound like Batman?' I say laughing through the link and smiling like an idiot. Especially when I hear his hearty chuckle vibrating through the hall.

"Not that I don't love that you guys are completely and like totally in love but I'm standing right here. I can't hear your thoughts but your facial expressions are saying it all." Terrin laughs while shoveling eggs into his mouth.

I let out another giggle as Orion growls playfully..

"Sorry T. How are you feeling about the plan to find this Diana and possibly her brother." My mate is smiles but all business.

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