Chapter 32


Delaney has been gone for almost 2 hours. I tried to link her. Tried to sniff her out. I sent search parties out for her. But she was gone without a trace. I came back to my office in a panicked frenzy. I completely obliterated everything in here. Except her desk.

I was scared that she was taken but I don't believe anyone else is stupid enough to try and attack and take her. Especially not on pack grounds.

And then my heart plummeted to my stomach. What if she got cold feet about being with me? And she decided to leave. Wouldn't she just talk to me? What if she learned who she was and knows she doesn't need me and decided that she didn't want to be my mate or Luna?

Then my mom got through to her through mind link and I was relieved only for a minute. But then I was upset and worried.

I called her selfish. I asked her if she even cared for me. Fucking idiot. As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it. I was so worried and upset thinking something happened to her o
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