Chapter 33


It's noon and I'm finally rolling out of my bed.. Not Mine and Orion's. Just mine... Well that's saddening, I thought he would've taken me to our room after I fell asleep. I look around the room and Orion isn't even here...

Why did he leave me? Is he giving me the silent treatment now?

'Orion.' I tried to link him and nothing. No answer. Hera says Zeus isn't answering her either.

I sit all the way up and stretch. I look around the room again and see a glass of cold orange juice on the nightstand and a handwritten note.

-Good morning my gorgeous little Luna, I had some work to do today but I planned a whole relaxing day today for you and my mother. I figured it'll be about noon when you wake up. So I brought you some orange juice and left this note so you didn't think I was mad at you.

I hate it when your mad at me by the way.

Anyways my mindlink will be cut off because I have important meetings in town with Terrin. When I get back I will come find you.

I love you mo
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