Chapter 35: 100 Percent


Delaney gets back but doesn't initially introduce me to Melody, the vampire hybrid she found while at the mall with my mother and Kylo. Kylo says he hasn't even seen her. They rode in different vehicles. But I trust her and her decision to not put herself or our pack at risk. But my mind is anywhere but safety right now. Because my sweet and perfect mate is showering her day off her body and it is taking every single cell in my body not to go inside to help her.

"Orion. Can you come here real quick?" She calls to me and I can just feel her nervousness through the link and I wonder what she could be nervous about.

I open the door and I can see her silhouette through the glass of the shower door. The curve of her perfect breasts falling just right. Her waist isn't skinny like most girls. She has volume and is thick in the best ways imaginable. I see her turn her back to me and her ass is plump like a cold peach sweating in the Georgia sun as the water drops off of it. And I
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