Chapter 2

She realizes that there is only towel covering her naked body. His presence made her feel stumbled. 

“You do not even knock!?”she said in disbelief. She tightened how she held her body towel.

“Well, it seems like it.” he shrugged his shoulders and looked at her from head to toe.

“What do you want?” she asks confusedly.

“I just want to know if you are done eating dinner?” his voice remains calm, but the moment his foot starting to step forward. She can not help, but to get crazy thinking of what to do.

“What are you doing, Apollo!?” with her voice quivering, she is clearly scared of what he is up to.

“Walking.” he simply replied. She shook her head and released a deep sighed before she got the courage to remind him of how frazzling she feels.

“You get out, Apollo. You are crossing the line.” his forehead creased. 

“You should not be entering random rooms just because you felt like doing it. It could be a crime.” she reminded him of his action.

“It is not a crime 'cause this is my property. I can not be called trespasser so?” he looks up grinning like a devil. Emily looked at the different corner of the room trying to calm down her racing heartbeat.

She closed her eyes and regained her composure. She persuaded herself to not be intimated.

“Well, if you are here for something to talk about. Give me a minute, I will get dressed first.” she said coldly and did not wait for his response. She randomly picked some dress, bra, and panty before she confidently left him inside and closed the door of the bathroom. She had make sure first to locked it before starting wearing what she got from the closet.

After almost 5 minutes of thinking whether to stay inside 'til he will get bored and leave or face him 'cause she is done, she chooses to went outside. 

He is still there calmly sitting in the chair facing the bedside table. As he noticed her, they are both silent just surveying each others' looks.

She does not really change much. That is what he thought. She is still as captivating as the sunset. Her body became more slimmer and hotter than yesterday.

“What are we gonna be talking about?” Emily interferes in his moment of fantasy. She is walking so fast and sits down in the head of the bed, making sure they are distance away from each other.

“Do you have any subject of a topic to suggest?” her brows shut at that stupid question of his.

“I would not love talking to you, Apollo. Can't you sense it? Why would I even initiate?” Apollo cleared the lump in his throat before opening his mouth.

“Emily, you should not talk like that to your soon to be older brother. That is so disrespectful.” her hands are shaking out of being so pissed off. 

Apollo can not help, but to say something nasty too just so he can ease the insults she got from Emily.

“Even if I would be carrying your family's name, what I treat you today won't ever change. Remember that.” she fires back. He looks intently and directly at her eyes.

“Why? You should have make amends with me 'cause you are becoming part of the family. But if not, there might be a reason for it. I will be glad to know, but I guess I already knew why.” instead of throwing to him what is the nearest things beside her, she chose to pinched her finger. She is scared to the possibility that he is maybe right. She did not speak.

“Mind to tell me?” hearing him teasing her triggers her hatred towards him. The guts of him acting so cool and unproblematic in front of her is adding more fuel to the flaming anger she feels for him. 

What Apollo made her feel in that cruel summer remains fresh and is as alive as the the old city during new year.

“Making amends? I only does that to the people I value. In your case, it is so unnecessary. Who does that to a stranger?” she sounded like a villain saying those words at him. Apollo's hawk-like eyes became more deadly as it ever was. 

He can not believed her calling him a stranger. Even so, he triggers her more.

“Strangers never dared to taste each others.” Emily loses all her patience at what she hears.

“Shut up! What are you spilling out of a sudden?” she is now standing fuming mad.

“Oh Emily! You are the first one who started it. Am I a stranger to you? Seriously?” 

“What now if you are a stranger to me? Why do you care? I forget you long enough to forget why I needed too.”

“Really? I had still clearly remember how you begged to feel my touch. How you moa—.” she cuts him off.

“You shut up, asshole! After all this years, you are still reminiscing for that forbidden lifeless affair. How stupid of you!” she even pointed a finger at him.

“Oh great! You remembered it now. I thought you have forgotten it all.” he playfully said enjoying the can not be painted expression of Emily.

“'Cause you are mentioning about it. Is it worth remembering tho? It will just waste my time.” she said and rolled her eyes.

“Don't you missed it? The way I made you feel? The pleading? The wanting to feel how good—” she cuts him off again but this time, it made him stunned for a minute.

“Oh! Come on, Apollo. If you are thinking that I would die to feel your touch again. Reserve it for some cheap chick here. There are so many hot men in Manila. Men that can do better than you. So much better that I would crave for it 'til now. Comparing you to Simone, I would rather bowed and kneeled down to him all over again 'cause unlike you, he got the balls.”

Emily's words are like daggers with poison all hitting directly at Apollo's heart. He was like paralyzed for a minute. If lying is the key to win over an argument towards Apollo. She is willing to lied again and again just to see how he suffers and how much he deserves it. 

Realizing that she made him speechless pushes her to attack for more heart-wrecking lines.

“Do not be so arrogant, Apollo. Nothing is special to you. With that being said, you are nowhere close for being irreplaceable.” He feels he had enough. That was too much to processed. He suddenly stands up to leave, but he notices her reaction. She gasped and have that familiar intrinsic response since then. He realized something. He would not still have that effect on her if she is true to her words.

“Really, Emily? I do not understand why you are so angry at me and what made you say those words. But if your intention is to break me, of course it shoots straight to the heart.” hearing him admitting that he is hurting made her pleased.

“Anyway, 2 years had passed. I should have not be surprised of how much you have changed.” Apollo said, but not particularly saying what part of her. What he meant by that was her bold side that she revealed awhile ago. Then he steps forward straight at where she is standing. He is trying to test if his speculation is right.

Emily feels being glued in the floor. She stiffened as she saw him coming.

“I am not gonna rape you if that is what makes you looking so nervous. So chin up sister, before I would probably thinks you had still did not forget about me long enough.” that whisper coming from Apollo while smiling devilishly automatically sent shivers down to her spine. 

She is still holding her breath as she watched him leaving the room. She shook her head before she lay down in bed—annoyed by what he told her and scared that he might know that he is right at his presumption. As she look at the ceiling, all of the memories with him in the past flashes like someone is in the verge of death recalling the years they have lived with.

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