Vengeance is for God. She knows that. But for once, she wants to try it so bad. In time, rumors will fly through new skies. In time, all of the thousand cuts will be just some scars and a million little stars will be align for a brand new start. Change is inevitable, but it's either for better or for worse. It will come and break through even in hardly constructed fences, just like how Reiner and Bertholdt invaded the walls in the popular anime named Attack on Titan. But for her, how come that hatred and pain seems so odd and unbreakable that it will last forever? Mary Emily Trañilla just wished that it will vanish like how the Beast Titan killed the soldiers leaded by Captain Erwin Smith, but some wishes cannot be granted and would never be bestowed on you. That reality sucks.

Fate forbids and even you would curse life for what you have been through. Unfortunately, you are foredoomed to crawled on that garden full of thorns.

In a couple of time, she had realized how the agony slowly tarnished her golden scales and right at this moment, it became scaleless. She was used to the suffering that she is okay with it now, although, she is not fine at all. She endures it and over time, she taught herself how to tolerate the ache.

She never saw this coming, but he did for sure. That is what she believed in since the bomb had exploded.

“The heck you care of what I am doing!?” she was raging as she looked at him—annoyed and shocked at his presence at the same time.

Is he that surprised to see her back that he is now appearing in the club where she was out of a sudden? Or he has been tempting to see her again for him to follow her there? Whatever may his reason is none of her business. She is back in this town for the preparation of her supposedly not happening wedding, but Simone Kennedy Garcia have been pleading her to make this come true. Also, she is back to prove to his soon to be brother-in-law that what had happened between them in that cruel summer 2 years ago would never stop her upon doing all of this. All she felt for Apollo is hatred. All she wanted him to feel is regrets upon shattering her heart into pieces and jealousy that he could never have her again other than his younger brother.

“My brother is an honorable man. Our clan is known in this town even before we are born. What might sinks in people's mind upon seeing my brother's fiancée being a bitch drinking and dancing with countless strangers? That is—.” a hard slapped made him shut up from talking.

Emily's body was trembling with so much disgust and hatred. Why would he even care of what she should be doing? The audacity of him to called her a bitch.

“That is not your goddamn problem, Apollonario. After all, you are not the one I am marrying. Why are you seems so bothered and furious than the soon-to-be groom?” she shouted at him and even called him by that stupid nickname she used to call him back then when she was irritated. At that time, she really wanted to teased him knowing that it sounded like a Filipino Hero's name.

Apollo Thibault Reece Garcia smiled hysterically. He have not heard that nickname for years.

“Maybe because I am much more caring than Simone.” that even made her blood boiled.

Caring! What a word coming from a careless jerk! If he had probably possesses that characteristic, then what they had must have never crumbled and put into waste.

“Who are you hoaxing that? Even the poorest of the poor would not buy such cheap self-proclaim.” Emily rolled her eyes.

He chuckled at her remarks. This is one of the reasons why he is wonder struck by this woman since that cruel summer. She breathes fire and is always been blunt to what she feels.

“Oh dear. I'm not hoaxing anybody here.” he said teasingly in a soft sweet tone.

She felt a sudden fast beats of her heart. She drinks her champagne 'til there is no more drops left.

“Whatever, Apollo. Just leave me alone and we are cool.” she left him there by joining the party people dancing and getting hyped by the disco lights and music.

She shook her head. Even if he would leave her, that man would creep in her mind at any second. Even after all these years. Even after all her river-like tears. Meeting that man is like experiencing a catastrophic event that would haunt Mary Emily forever. Protection Status