You can’t fix the past

I picked up Em from the ground and carry her to the apartment. Her face holds the most adorable smile and I can’t keep my eyes off her, until I almost drop her when I saw my mother lying in front of my door in her own puke, having a seizure.

“Blake!” Emily yells when I put her down and run up to my mother.

“What a fuck mom, what did you take?” I yelled when Emily pulled me away from her and turned to get on her side so as not to choke on her own puke.

I grab my hair in frustration, and my entire childhood is having a feast inside my mind.

“We need to get her to a hospital,” Emily announced, frightened.

“No, I can’t have this all over the media,”

“Blake, now is not the time for you to be ruthless. This is your mother.” Emily yells when the neighbour opened his door.

“Get the fuck back int

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