After a couple of minutes I glanced again to him. This time he is not looking and his book is placed in the table now. His left elbow is on the top of the table and his hands are placed in his chin. Why he is so…

I didn’t finish my sentence in my head when he suddenly turns his head towards me. Shit. He stands up and started walking to me. What the hell! As he reached my table I started to stand up. I’m ready to leave.

“Avis, right?” he asked. Wait, he knows my name. How? Why? What? I just nod to answer.

“You’re classmates’ with Vaughn.” He added.

“Yes.” I answered with a smile on my face.

“It wasn’t a question.” he said and looks into his hand holding a book.

Yeah, right. It wasn’t a question dumbass. He gets something in the middle of pages of the book. It is a small paper with his name and number on it. Wait, I’m not asking for his number. He turns to me giving me the paper.

“What’s that for?” I asked innocently.

“Give it to Vaughn. He is part of our organization.” He answered. Oh, I thought it was for me. Why am I always assuming? I get the paper in his hand and put it in my skirt side pocket.

“What are you looking at earlier?” he suddenly asked. I was caught off guard. I thought he wasn’t gonna bring that up!

“I am looking? To whom?” I asked back. Deny it Avis, until you die.

“To me, anyway give that to Vaughn.” He said and starting to walk away. Why he is so confident? Well, it is true though.

“Why don’t you give it yourself?” I asked. But it wasn’t supposed to say loudly!

He stopped walking then turns his head to me. I looked away and get my things. I’m leaving, really. I started walking towards the door leaving him behind.

“Do you like me?” he asked. I stopped walking.

I slowly turn to him. My hands are shaking, I can’t explain this. I hide my hands in my back. He is looking at me intently. I look back into his eyes too trying to give the same stare his giving me. They’re hypnotizing me, asking me to tell the truth. They are so deep that I almost get drown and lost.

"Maybe." i answered, also looking directly at his eyes. Then, after one second i walked away from him.


"Do you like me?"

Those words he said kept on ringing into my ears in where it eventually got red. Of course, I was flushed with his sudden question, I mean, if there is somebody you like asks you if you like them, what would be your reaction? Because I will be straight up dead of embarrassment like right now.

Ha, enough of this. Think straight, Avis. I tried to fix some of my ruffled skirt and noticed a bump in my pocket. I rummage through it and found the piece of paper he wanted me to give to Vault? Van? What was the name again?

I forgot the name; maybe if I rummage through it, I might find the name. Just a peek, I won't do anything. I look to my right and left and proceed to stare intensely at the paper, just when I was to open it someone snatched the paper.

I annoyingly looked up at the person who snatched it. He was grinning and had his hand up in the air, holding the paper. It was the guy Skylar wanted me to send the paper to, I remembered now his name and his reputation.

Vaughn Hirsch, a football player, and everyone's favourite guy. Given, he is handsome and athletic, he is also the majority of girl's man of their dreams, except me, Skylar is better.

"Uh-huh? Is this a habit of yours?" He said, still grinning and waving the paper.

"Looking into someone's business?" He continued.

"What? No. I didn't intend to open it." I lied. Of course, I would lie, what would Skylar think? That I'm someone's poking their nose into someone's business?

Yeah, I am, but I don't want to leave bad impression news on Skylar.

I heard him chuckle, "Are you sure? Because, I have been looking at you for a long time now."

Of course, I know, he knows it, but I'm still gonna deny it, to save at least my one strand of dignity. "No, you are just having delusions, I swear."

He burst out laughing. He had his hand in his stomach and the other one is placed on the school’s hall wall. He tried to control himself and cough slightly, "Alright, Alright, I like you. Let's pretend I'm blind and didn't see that."

He was about to speak but some guy came to Skylar and said, "Bro, there will be no 10:30 AM class as of today, Professor Matias won't be attending the class today due to some unknown reasons, how about we go play in the field? We have a vacant time."

There is no class? Yes! I can go to the library again and read some books. I'm really eager to finish this book because it has good contents and storyline. I will just silently leave.

"Sweet! Thanks for the update, bro, but I am not available now, I promised my girl here that we will eat together." Vaughn said and placed his hands on my shoulder.

"What, no--" I tried to deny it but he interrupted me quickly.

"Have fun, Bro, we will be going now." He said then pushed my back and started walking towards the direction of the hallway exit.

"Alright! Take care, Vaughn." His friend shouted and Vaughn waved his hand for goodbye while he is still pushing me

Maybe he just used me as an excuse to get away with the invite. It's fine then because I will have my pleasant time reading again at the library. Ah, I'm so eager excited to read the next scenes. When we are outside the hall, I stopped and bid my goodbye.

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