I woke up from a loud bang from what I know is happening outside. After that, I heard a continuous shouting also from outside, from which I recognized a woman's voice and a man’s voice.

I tried to remember what happened earlier, but I couldn't. I looked around the room and there's no special about it. I just found books, shelves, cabinets, and a long sofa, with the room’s gray motif, including gray bed sheet, pillowcase, sofa, and curtains. Just when I realized I wasn't in my own house.

This isn’t Tessa’s room. There’s no room like this in Tessa’s house.

Where am I? Did I just enter someone’s home without permission?

Questions flooded my brain. All I remember is I was escaping from Skylar because of the embarrassment I did.

I go down from the bed and wear the slippers waiting there.

“You’re awake.” I look above to the person entered the room. I didn’t hear the door opened though.

It’s Skylar. Why is he here? Wait… is this his f

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