I must say, I felt like I’m in the other dimension with Skylar when we’re riding all the way from our house to Tess’, in other dimension where it’s only the two of us. The time we had together was so precious to me and magical even if it is just 15 minutes and we even didn’t talk. And that was the first time that I saw and hear him laugh. His laugh… so manly and addicting in my ears. I want to hear it every second!

“So, what’s going on between you and Skylar?”

I wish the time stopped so I could be with him for too long. Then, I remember Vaughn. Was there really going on between them?

“Earth to Avis!” shouted Tess to me and claps her hand in front of my face.

I slightly jump on my seat because of what she did. We are sitting here in her bed in her bedroom. It’s been 1 hour since Skylar drop me off here in Tess’ house.

“What’s your problem?!” I shoute

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