Chapter 2

   I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache as I squealed in pain. Where am I? This isn't my room and this place is more fancy and luxurious.

I raised the duvet covering me to see that I was buck naked and my vagina feeling sore! What happened last night?… The blood stain on the bed got me alarmed as I quickly hurried down from the bed with the duvet still wrapped around me.

How did I get here last night!… Edde Loxley!?

"Let's go home, I think I can still drive," Edde said as he helped me up and led me to his car. I remember confessing my love to him and telling him how I'm still a virgin because I was waiting for him… So embarrassing.

We got to a really luxurious building, it wasn't his house it was a hotel, he held me softly as we walked inside, no one stopped him to ask him where he was going to, maybe he owned the hotel or he already has a room there.

We entered the room as we suddenly started kissing and caressing, he pulled my gown off revealing my matching black lingerie.

He kissed me to the bed as he pulled off his suit and trouser now wearing just boxer shorts, he is such a hot blonde with his playboy aura surrounding him.

I was supposed to push him off when he started pulling off my panties and unhooking my bra but I was so drunk and weak but at the same time I enjoyed every bit of his touch not until he entered me!… That was the most painful feeling ever.

"Ohh no! How could I act so cheaply in front of Edde!" I cried after remembering the horrible night.

Why did I drink so much that I couldn't control myself or make my own decisions!I feel so cheap right now.

I let tears roll freely down my cheeks as I stared at the blood stain on the bed sheets, how could I let a stranger disvirgin me when he doesn't love me!? Yeah I was obsessed with Edde Loxley but not to the extent of just submitting my virginity to him just like that.

Was he also drunk or he just took advantage of me intentionally!? How will I tell Mel that I lost my virginity to Edde just after a day of seeing him? She will see me as cheap… I don't wish to be tagged as a slut.

And where the hell is Edde? How will he leave me here after fvcking and de-flowering me?

I picked my cloth which was lying on the floor as I made to the bathroom, I noticed that my walked step changed and each step I took caused a slight pain in between my legs, I tried walking straight but it rather caused more pains.

After showering and dressing up I kept the bed spread inside the washing machine, It would be so shameful for anyone to see my blood and assume that I was disvirgined… Which I was and the man that disvirgined me is no where to be found.

I took my phone from the side table where it lay as my eyes caught a white paper with a card on the couch, I quickly took it to read what it says.

It's Edde

This is my business card, ring me if you need anything and just take it that nothing happened between us.

Wait! Like seriously he didn't say that after fvcking me!? How will he say that I should think of it as nothing happened between us!?

What does he really think I am? A desperate fan girl!?… No way, Elizabeth, what have you done to yourself!

"I fvcking do not need his card!" I yelled as I threw it to a corner about going out as I turned back to it and picked it up "I might still need it".

I rushed out of his hotel room towards the exits as people stared at me weirdly, I wasn't totally comfortable with the stares but I didn't just want to spend more time there I needed to get home as soon as possible.

I hailed a cab back home frustrated by my crazy encounter with Edde Loxley, now I believe that he really is a Playboy as people tag him! How dare he ask me to forget whatever happened between us when he took my pride away!

I hurried into the house and as usual it was empty, my mom is never at home and if she luckily comes back home she comes with a man, sincerely hated her presence.

Dad left mom twelve years ago because of her slutty lifestyle, she never respected Dad and she does all sort of irresponsible things parents Shouldn't do.

My Mom smokes, drinks and clubs! Yeah I ain't proud of her but still I can't deny her being my mom.

I trailed upstairs to my room and fell on my bed frustratedly. I couldn't just stop the endless tears from streaming down, I felt like my mom. I felt cheap and used and the person that disvirgined me doesn't see it as a big deal but I do! Yeah indeed I am a crazy fan of Edde Loxley and I kept my virginity for him stupidly waiting for the day he notices me but I never wished to give it to him or any man that doesn't love me!

How will I tell the story of how I lost my virginity to a rich celebrity that I am obsessed with? How will I tell Melanie about it? She might blame me and also see me as cheap, I don't even have the plans of talking to my mom about this because she definitely will be happy expecially as he is rich.

My mom has always criticized me of being a virgin and not having a boyfriend. That's to tell you how much of a bitch my mom is! I hate calling her name's but she gives me no other choice than to do so.

All I want at this point of my life was to cry on my mom's shoulders and get those sweet comforting motherly advice but I sure can't get any of that.

I stood from my bed right after wiping my tears as I took my dress off and pulled my red bra. My mind kept drifting back to Edde's words to me. I now hate him. All the secret love I had for him turned to hatred in a finger snap.

My phone buzzed showing Mel's name as the callers ID, I quickly picked the call as if I was expecting it.

"Etta how are you, I am really sorry for leaving you behind after meeting up with my boyfriend, we just needed to have a good time together… Where did you sleep?" She asked softly as I signed not knowing the best reply to her question.

"Uh…uhm… I slept some where safe, I am back home now don't worry about me" I replied as I headed towards the bathroom.

"Hmmm… Hope you're not angry at me?" 

"No no I am not, I don't need to ask how you are because you're definitely still with your man on bed" I said rolling my eyes heaven ward.

"And I know you said that rolling your eyes" she said as we both laughed, she knows me just to well that I don't have to hide anything from her "Anyways, remember we have a practical class with Mr Adams today by 2pm, it is really important for our CGPA so we have to be there" she said as I nodded as if she was standing with me.

"Alright Mel I will have to hang up now and brush my teeth, Don't forget to pick me up" I said and hanged up.



    "Seriously Edde you slept with a fandom stranger you met at the bar yesterday!?" Wyatt muttered in shock knowing the kind of man he has as a bestie.

Edde paused at the table tennis he was playing as he stared into Wyatt's shocked face.

"Not like I raped her Wyatt, we were both drunk and we felt the moment so we had to do it!… Cool part of it is that she was a virgin and I broke it, my first time fvcking a virgin" Edde said in a wide smile as he stuck out his tongue.

"Just listen to yourself Edde! How will a virgin willingly give you her virginity when she doesn't know you quite well, she was wasted and I am sure you were still in your right senses to know what you did" Wyatt was obviously angry with his attitude, he really wished his bestie could settle down and act responsible.

"Anyways it has happened already and it can't be undone" Edde said and continued with his tennis.

"So what do you plan to do with her?" 

"huh!? Nothing! I just dropped my number for her to call me if she needed another round" Edde said in a wink

"No you didn't do that Edde!" Wyatt said, almost yelling.

"Just kidding, I dropped my number for her to call me if she needed anything, I am never having anything to do with her again… I am still hoping for her call though" 

"You're an unbelievable dick head!"

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