Chapter 5

Those brown messy fringe hair looked familiar, who is he and how dare he claim me in such a manner.

"I said leave before I punch your jaw!" He yelled in a whisper as the guy fearfully left the seat which he occupied immediately. Mel was supposed to sit here with me but I came to the class before her as I wasn't able to wait for her because I already missed a lot in the last class.

"Elizabeth, let's go outside. I need to speak to you immediately" he equally knows my name!

"Who are you?" I asked curiously but a bit angry as he pulled my hand about taking me out of the class as I yanked my hand off "are you mad!? How dare you touch me?" I bit my lips angrily as he signed.

"Edde Loxley is waiting for you outside, he needs to see you immediately" Edde wants to see me? Why… Well I still can't go.

"Tell him that I can't see him, I am in an important class right now" I said facing front.

"He has something to tell you, please come with else I will create a scene here" No way! I don't want
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