Chapter 9

For some reason my legs suddenly couldn't move out of the spot I was standing in, the way he looked at my body was so sinful that I just wished the ground would open and swallow me up at once.

"When you're done drooling over me then you can come in" He snapped at me making me realize that I was indeed drooling! How disgusting and more embarrassing, I should be thinking of how to boss up and approach him like a grown ass lady that I am and here I am fooling myself.

I watched him walk majestically into the entrance which obviously was his office. I signed out of embarrassment as I cleaned the drool in my mouth and on my dress as I hurried towards his office.

Getting to the entrance of the office my mouth fell open in amazement at the sight of such a luxurious office, it looked more like a sitting room than an office, the walls were made of clear glasses, the swivel chairs looked expensive… well no doubt it was.

I couldn't take my eyes off of the luxury I saw in just one office, I can
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