Chapter 10

"But we will have to go for a DNA test to confirm if it's really Edde's baby" He said as I raised my eyes at him Wondering if he doesn't believe me and think I am one of those girls who would fake pregnancy to get close to Edde "Not that I don't believe you but we still need to be sure before taking the next step" He said as if he read my mind, I nodded in agreement and continued with my meal.

I was quite uncomfortable by the way Edde stole glances at me. He was obviously angry at me for wanting to keep the baby but I don't care, I can't kill my own baby he should get used to it anyways… He put me in this mess.

"Eat up so that you can leave, it's a few minutes to ten…" Mr Reluc Loxley said, checking his wrist watch.

The dinner went on as Mr Reluc Loxley kept throwing questions at me which I answered even if I wasn't comfortable staying again, Edde's looks were like bee sting to my skin.

"Thanks so much for having me sir, I will like to leave now" I said, dropping my fork and cleani
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