Chapter 42

The drive back home from the hospital was quite fun, Edde was obviously full of life as he was really singing out the music playing on the stereo system happily. I couldn't help but look at his handsome smooth face and down at his pretty lips moving to the lyrics of the song.

He noticed my eyes on him as he turned and smirked. "What's up? Why are you looking at me like you wanna eat me?" He uttered as I bit my lip lightly.

"I rather want to lick you" I replied as his mouth fell open.

"Elizabeth who spoiled you! Geez!" He exclaimed as I couldn't help but Chuckle at his funny attitude.

"The person f*cking me, who else?" I shrugged as he smirked at me almost making me lose my balance, he is such a bad boy.

Soon we got home, entering inside the sitting room everyone was seated and obviously waiting for us. Once they noticed our presence they all stood up, my mom rushed to me with worries written all over her face. "Honey, are you okay? What did the doctor say?" She was just all over m
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