Chapter 46

"Damn! You still love Sadie right?" I growled in rage as I stood from the bed watching the awestrucked Edde who looked at me like I'm insane. "Here you go rejecting me again making me feel desperate, what could be your excuse now?"

"Come on Betta, don't be like that. I have nothing to do with Sadie or any other woman, all I see is you, I love you and you know that already but can you just stop all these?" He uttered and hissed frustratedly.

"Oh now I'm the desperate one that begs for sex, well I'm sorry for disturbing you I can simply call someone over huh?" I said, raising my brows at him as he bit his lip in rage.

"Do whatever you want, I am going to California on a business trip tomorrow. I planned on not going but it seems like you need space" he smirked and walked out of the room leaving me dumbstruck.

He didn't react the way I expected him to react when I told I'd bring a man in, but instead he decided to leave me for California? Is he really pissed off with me? And now he
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