’Come down, Steph,” Amanda said as she tried to soothe her friend. “They don’t deserve your tears.”

’Why would my dad think nasty things about me when told by somebody else and not believe me? Seriously, I can’t even digest that. Imagine he believes his wife, my stepmother, over me. He has been raised for 24 years. For God’s sake, can’t he judge from good or bad? What has come over him:”

Amanda tried to talk to her until late when she finally fell asleep on the couch. She made her tea, placed it in a thermos, and placed it at the table next to sleeping.

Amanda has always been looking up to Steph since they were young. She remembered how she suffered when her boyfriend betrayed her with her sister and never grieved for it and kept the pain in her heart. She also knows of the new friendship with George, and she believes George is a good distraction for her.

She took George’s phone and saved it to her own number, intending to call George when free to keep Steph Company. Maybe she may feel distracted and happy.

Over the next couple of weeks, Steph went to school, immersed herself in books to read for her final exams, and tried to get over her problems. She went out with George severally and told him what had happened with her father.

George could talk to her about everything she needed to know and really almost forgot about her problems except when she went back home at night.

She only had one semester to finish up and then look for an internship before graduating. She had to pay for the internship fees and all the paperwork.

She woke up one day and went to the bank to get money to pay for her internship and other important things, only to find her bank account had been blocked. She could not believe it.

She didn’t even bother to look for her dad. She went over back to her friends’ house. They have been living together and decided there is no need to move out of the apartment but rather help pay for the rent together.

They say that pride in children does not fall far from the parents. Mr. Jackson was a prideful person, and it is difficult to apologize. He knew he made a mistake when he pushed his daughter away from him. He should not have listened to his wife in the first place.

He had believed her but still had his doubts. But seeing Steph being dropped from school late in the evening from the surveillance camera in the guard's area, he did not doubt for a second. He did not see the person who dropped her, but the car itself showed that the guy was no simple one.

But he knew from his heart that his daughter would never embarrass him, but it came too late. He has tried everything to reach her, but she has not been taking his calls. He had to result blocking her cards to see if she would come.

Of course, the one behind the plan was none other than his dear wife. But all the same, it has been a month since he blocked her cards, but she has not called or come over to ask about it.

′ don’t worry, dear, she will be okay. She will eventually come around. Give her time. You know how the Jackson family is. They are very proud." Nicole said, trying to console her husband.

′ Why did I say all those nasty things in the first place. You know, you should have investigated the rumors first before telling me. Now, look. It's too late. She is gone and hates you also and me."

′ With time, she will come around. Just stick to the plan and see."

She didn't expect her to come at all, knowing her well. Neither did she expect her to be more successful than her daughter. She talked to her daughter and husband, making him give her a job as the managing director at their company. Though they gave her a job, she was a hard-working lady. She did everything possible to make Mr. Jackson love her more, and for the first part of their plan, it worked well.

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