Dating has never been as enjoyable as it was to Steph. It feels good to have a boyfriend who cares and takes care of you.

The next few weeks has been amazing working in George’s company. Though they have known it each other over a year and few months the feeling George has towards her has always been pure and true. She has given her all to the relationship.

  They say good things don’t last long and that’s what caught up to them. One day while on a date with George, a pretty woman walks up to them and looks surprised to see them.

“Hey George”

The look on Georges face could earn you a million if you sold to the public. He was surprised and kind of shocked.

“Hey Sharon”

“How are you? I wasn’t sure if it was you or not. It has been like forever since I last saw you. Have just moved back into the country recently and was thinking of coming over to see you and your parents one of these days.”

“Well it has been long. Anyway meet

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