A man from her past

The gentle sunbeam from the window touches my bare skin and the gossamer black curtain flutters in the morning breeze, it’s early in the morning and yet Klare is already here, she lie down to my bed and looked at the ceiling while I’m sitting here at the sofa that mom bought for me months ago, it placed near the window.

Her long and thick blonde hair covers almost the whole pillow where her head is laying.

“How was it? How’s your first check up?” she asked.

Mom’s still mad at me, she’s not talking to me while we were in the car heading to the OB Gyne, she just talked when she asked some questions about my pregnancy. I feel so guilty.

“I’m now 3 weeks pregnant, I experienced my first ever morning sickness when I woke up this morning,” I said.

I’m craving for something sour, so I asked Simon to buy me some pineapple. Yes, Simon is not mad anymore, he’s just disappointed but not to the point that he’ll let me buy on my own my cravings.

“Omg! I can’t believe that you’re now pregnant, sissy!” She said as if she never cursed me when she learned that I’m pregnant, lol.

“I’m a bit nervous, I don’t know if I can handle morning sickness, mood swings or cramps during my pregnancy,” I said.

I opened my phone and browsed my social media accounts. I checked my friend request list to find out that one of my close friends from high school added me, I checked his profile and timeline for me to make sure that it’s really him.

“Do you still remember Axel Lazaro?” I asked Klare.

She looked at me with her eyes widened. She looks surprised. She used to like him back then, that’s why. I can't blame her, I can't blame those girls, Axel is a good looking man.

“Yeah, why? I remember I had a huge crush on him when we’re still in high school,” she said while laughing.

“He added me on my social media account,” I said.

Axel is one of the heartthrobs on our batch back when we’re high school, lots of girls, including Klare, got a crush on him, but he never paid so much attention to it, maybe because he has a girlfriend or someone he likes. 

After our graduation, I heard that they migrated to Canada for good, I also heard his high-end restaurant has branches all over the world. I must say that he’s a successful business man now. Good for him.

“Can I see his profile picture? I think he looks more handsome and stunning,” Klare said while giggling.

I showed him my phone while Axel’s timeline was on it for her to be able to see his profile picture.

“Omg! He looks more mature but he’s still handsome and charismatic, I doubt if he’s still single or not, what do you think?” she asked again. She’s so nosy, when it comes to boys, lol.

Axel messaged me as soon as I confirmed him, I told Klare and she looked so cute when she learned that Axel we’ll be here soon.

We just stayed in my room and talked about lots of things, Klare is so nosy. 


Time flies so fast, it’s already June and it’s now my second trimester.

It’s really not easy to be a mother, I can say that. First trimester is difficult, especially to someone that’s no one helping her out, I didn’t imagine that I could get through it, even though I have mom, dad, Simon and Klare by my side. Having someone that can look after you even in the middle of the night is another thing. But, It’s okay, I really need to take responsibility for every action and decision I make. 

It’s my choice to be in this situation, so I should stand it.

“Aemee, this crib looks so cute, look,” Klare excitedly grabbed me in the crib section.

We’re here at the mall buying clothes for this little one inside my womb. Mom and dad are in the kitchenware section. 

“This one, too,” I said while pointing at the black and white simple crib.

We just got the ultrasound result last week, and we learned that it’s a baby girl.

“Black and white? Seriously? Your baby is a girl!” She said while rolling her eyes and still checking the details of the crib she showed me.

I laughed when I saw her reaction, I love black and white, that’s why.

“It’s a neutral color, Klare, girls can use black and white too,” I explained.

“Whatever- oh! Axel, here!” I looked in the direction Klare was looking at. 

Axel is walking towards us, he’s just wearing a simple white t-shirt with brown maong shorts. He has this charisma that will make every woman drool. He’s holding a bunch of fresh flowers that I don’t know where he gets.

3 months ago he went to the Philippines, to manage one of his restaurants here.

“Hey!” He greeted us.

Klare giggled when he saw Axel gave me a flower. I accepted it and smiled at him.

“Where’s tita and tito?” he asked.

“They’re in the kitchenware section,” I answered.

Axel has been courting me for almost 1 month, but I told him that I don’t have time for things like that. I told him that I just want to focus on my child, so I told him to stop, but he insisted, he told me that he wants to pursue me and to prove his intention to me.

He even confessed to me that he never paid attention to those girls that had a huge crush on him because he liked me back when we’re still in high school, but when he learned that Josiah is courting me he just kept it to himself and tried to move on.

“I see, where’s Simon By the way?” He asked again, when he noticed that Simon was not around.

“He has a meeting with the new investors,” I answered. While looking at the baby clothes.

I’m mesmerized by the pink romper for a new born baby, it'll look good on her.

“It’s cute,” Axel said while looking at the romper that I am holding.

I placed it in the mini cart that I am holding. Actually dad and mom already bought lots of baby clothes yesterday, they’re so excited. They even bought strollers, I told them that it’s too early to buy some stuff like that but they just laughed.

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