Aemee's Craving always satisfied

Weeks after mom and dad learned that I am pregnant they asked me to resign from my job, they just want me to stay at home while I’m still pregnant, because we discovered that I have a sensitive pregnancy. 

They even hired a personal nurse for me! Omg!

I just laughed when they informed me about them looking for a private nurse for me.

I told them that when I gave birth I would go back to my work, I want to personally provide all the needs of my child, they told me that I should still stay at home, that they can provide everything for us, but I insisted, they did so many things for me and my child.

“Do you want something to eat or are you craving for something?” I looked at Axel while pushing the cart.

“No, I’m good Axel, thank you,” I said while smiling.

He’s always like that, he always makes sure that I get to eat every cravings I have.

“How about you, Klare? Do you want something?” He looked at Klare who’s busy checking pillows for the child.

“I just want fries, we can buy it later when we’re done here,” she said while still busy on what she’s doing.

She looks like a hands-on mom, while Axel looks like a husband asking his wife to eat something, lol. They are cute.

“Hun, are you done already? Let’s pay for it,” Dad said and stood in front of us. 

“I’ll pay for it dad, how ‘bout you two? Did you already find mom’s looking?” I teased them. 

Mom loves to buy homeware, she always makes sure every time we are shopping she gets to buy one or two of those.

After we paid for everything we chose, we headed to the nearest fast food restaurant, Klare is such a child, Axel always scolds him because she throws tantrums whenever she’s hungry.

“You should behave, Klare, you’re such a baby,” Axel irritatedly whispered to Klare.

She just glared at him and looked away. Cute.

It’s nearly 5 in the afternoon.

“We should try this restaurant, I heard they served superb quality food,” Mom exclaimed.

“What do you think, Axel?” dad asked him

Of course Axel owns a restaurant too, he should know some restaurants that offer good quality of food, he should know his rivals. Lol.

“I guess it’s true, it’s one of our restaurant’s competitors, I also heard that they served different kinds of cuisines,” he honestly said. Interesting.

“Let’s try it, then,” I said while smiling.

We entered the said restaurant and a pleasant aroma welcomed me. A waiter accommodated us and led us to a table that was good for 5-8 persons..

The restaurant has this ambience that will give your eyes a relaxing feeling. Also the menu the waiter handed to everyone was cute. 

After we chose what to order, the waiter asked for 30-45 minutes for them to be able to prepare the food. 

While we were waiting, we just talked there about some stuff.

If you are wondering if Klare is working, no she’s not. She is sick, and her dad never allowed her to work. She has asthma. Her parents don't want her to get tired because it may trigger her illness.

I gasped a bit when I felt the warm coat touch my bare shoulders and arm. I looked at Axel who put them on me, I remembered I’m wearing a sleeveless maternity dress and the air-conditioning is facing me and it made me shiver a bit because of the cold.

“Thank you,” I mouthed.

He just smiled and returned to his seat.


I can see Simon's long face from here, he’s at the balcony while I was sitting here at the sala watching some movies.

He’s been so busy since dad gave him the position as the CEO of the Company. 

I see Manang Flor walking toward the kitchen.

“Manang Flor, where's mom?” I asked her.

I haven’t seen her around since I woke up.

“Your mom is meeting some of her friends, Aemee,” manang Flor answered.

Oh, that’s why. I thanked manang Fe and she continued what she’s doing.

I rubbed my tummy gently and smiled. 

Time flies so flies so fast, baby, we will be seeing you soon.

I was just sitting here when my cell phone rang.

“Hello,” I said.

It’s Klare, she’s in the United States right now, she is accompanying her mom to visit some friends.

“Aemee! We will be coming home tomorrow, do you want me to buy something?” She asked.

I can hear a different kind of voice come from the other line, maybe she’s in the crowded place now.

“Nothing, Klare, just enjoy there,” I gently said.

“Oh! I have a bright idea! I’ll just buy some baby clothes here or anything that baby Darlene might be needing,” she sounds so excited while she’s saying those.

“If Darlene can talk she’ll probably say that she has a lot of clothes already, she can’t wear all of them,” I said while laughing.

“It’s okay, I just want to buy something for you or for her, you know, it’s tita ninang pleasure to always buy things like those, oh, I have to go Aemee, take care of yourself, bye!” she said and hung up the phone.

“Who’s on the phone?” I looked at Simon.

He looks so stressed, lol.

“It’s Klare, She’s just checking me out,” I said and put the phone at the glass table in front of me.

“I see, Axel called me a while ago, he’ll be here in a couple of minutes, he’s asking if you want something to eat,” he asked while sitting beside me.

They make me fat, aren’t they?

“I’m getting fat Simon! You all kept on asking me about food, of course I want something to eat. But, I’m trying my best not to eat a lot, look,” I exclaimed while standing and showing him my body.

He laughed so hard when I said that. He’s guilty.

“It’s okay, Aemee, It’s understandable, you’re pregnant!” he said while laughing.

Yeah right. I pout and go back to my seat

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