Axel finally meet Clifford, Aemee's boss

It's nearly 5 in the afternoon and I'm about to leave because I don't have anything here to do, and I'm a mom of a 2-year-old baby girl and I needed to feed her, lol. Supposedly this day is just for her but since that man is such a baby, my time for her is compromised.

I just called Axel to fetch me, he never allowed me to drive on my own, since I don't want to create commotions or arguments, I just obeyed him.

I was just standing here waiting for Axel, when I felt someone was standing beside me. I gave it a glance to find out that it was Clifford again, giving me a wide smile, I just gave him a puzzled look, what is he doing here again?

"Mind if I drive you home?"

I looked at him and acted like I didn't hear anything. I heard him laugh a bit, I can still feel his glance.

I told him that I'm waiting for someone, he still insists on driving me home, I even told him to le

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